About This Animal: Commonly known in English as mackerel and favored for its health benefits (the fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids), kolios is an inhabitant the Atlantic Ocean as well as the Mediterranean and Black Seas. These are small fish that basically swim through the sand. As in many parts of the world, many species in Greek seas are under severe pressure from overfishing – including species on this list which are included for informational purposes only. The symiaki garida (scientific: Plesionika narval) – a type of shrimp that takes its Greek name from the island of Symi where it is common – is famed for its small size and great flavor. 2. About This Fish: Bacalaos (also known as bakaliaros – a name it shares in Greek with the European hake – see above) lives in colder waters – mainly in the Atlantic Ocean. About This Animal: Commonly known as the ‘European squid,’ the kalamari that you’ll find at the nearest fish taverna is relatively small with bodies normally around 20cm in length making it easy for cooks to handle in the kitchen (that is, in comparison to the thrapsalo – see below). About This Animal: Native to the Atlantic, it is thought that the blue crab was introduced into European waters through ships’ ballast. This post was originally published on the blog... Editor’s note: The following has been taken from... can i travel to greece again? About This Animal: A largish mollusc with a smooth brownish shell, gyalisteres can be found in bounty in many parts of the country in sandy seabeds. Cuttlefish with spinach is a popular Greek recipe that is known for its pure ingredients and can be cooked easily and quickly. Greek Name: Σαργός (Sahr – GOHS)Scientific Name: Diplodus sargusEnglish Name: White sea bream, sargo. Kebabs are mostly chunks of meat – such as lamb, pork, chicken, and fish – that are cooked on a skewer and seasoned with olive oil, oregano, and lemon. Fagri are both caught wild and raised in fish farms (the former can be at the pricier end of the spectrum, the latter are less expensive). In the Mediterranean however it is still considered overfished and environmental groups recommend avoiding it. Greek Name: Καραβίδα (Kah – rah – VEE – dah)Scientific Name: Astacus astacus, Cambarus bartoniiEnglish Name: Crawfish, crayfish. Charters in Greece can take you anywhere from one mile out to 50 miles offshore. Most of the villages on the Greek Islands are in fact fishing villages and have been for thousands of years. According to one explanation, this moniker was created in the 1960s after Olympiakos fans traveled to a rival stadium for an away game only to be met with crates of the little fish that had been stolen from Piraeus. However it is not as vulnerable as the rofos and so can be consumed with a clean conscience (provided, that is, that it meets the minimum legal requirement of being above 45 cm in length). They are particularly common in the Ambracian Gulf and surrounding lagoons where they reproduce. In Greece, a meze is a small dish that is served with ouzo or raki.Nowadays, you can find them in numerous restaurants or tavernas where locals enjoy a selection of mezes to share as lunch or dinner. Greek Reporter will help you organize all the essential information before your journey. About This Fish: A large fish with a bill that slays, swordfish are native to temperate waters around the globe. Usually it is between 3 and 7 cm long. About This Animal: The palamida is a strong swimmer that lives in shoals and feeds on smaller fish such as mackerel, as well as squid. Greek Name: Γαλέος (Gah – LEH – ohs)Scientific Name: Galeorhinus galeusEnglish Names: School shark, tope shark, soupfin shark. There is talk of farming turbot, bluefin tuna, yellowtail, and octopus too. Fish: $763.1 million (2%) Greece’s top 10 exports accounted for 64.7% of the overall value of its global shipments. This tasty dish is extremely popular, mainly in the fish restaurants of northern Greece. About This Animal: Easily identifiable from their thick, ribbed shells, like gyalisteres (smooth clams) kidonia live in sandy seabeds throughout the country. Greek Name: Αθερίνα (Ah – thehr – EE – nah)Scientific Name: Atherina hepsetus English Name: Mediterranean sand smelt. About This Animal: Avgotaracho, or Greek bottarga, is essentially the cured eggs of the female kefalos (flathead grey mullet). Other notes: In Greece environmental organizations such as Greenpeace International and Archipelagos strongly encourage consumers to steer clear of this fish due to its vulnerable status. This flaky white fish is a great source of phosphorus, niacin, and vitamin B-12.A 3-ounce cooked portion contains 15 to 20 grams of protein. About This Animal: Lavraki is one of the most popular fish and a signature main dish at many seaside Greek tavernas. Ask for advice from locals while visiting one of the beautiful Greek islands this summer and try to convince them to reveal to you their true culinary secrets about this salad. In Epirus, locals love to bake the fish and drizzle it with butter. These large, powerful, predatory fish live in deep, open waters and are an important food source for other mammals such as dolphins. Fish that live close to shore in Crete and Greece, pictures, scientific names and common names of the fish : Fish that live close to shore in Crete and Greece Crete. It has a strong taste of anise and usually has 38 %, 40 %, 42 % or 49 % in alcohol percentage. The aquaculture sector in Greece provides direct and indirect employment to 4 310 people in 2011, often in remote rural areas with few other forms of employment. Greek Name: Πέστροφα (PEHS – troh – fah)Scientific Name: Salmo trutta / Onchorynchus mykissEnglish Name: Trout, brown trout / rainbow trout. But unfortunately, historians may never know for sure about ingredients and dishes in ancient Greek food. Greek Name: Γυαλιστερές (Yah – lee – stehr- EHS)Scientific Name:  Callista chioneEnglish Name: Smooth clams. November 15th, 2018. Means a skewer, so this is anything grilled on a skewer (lamb, chicken, pork, etc). About This Animal: Sinagrida, or the ‘Queen of the Sea’ as some Greek fisherman call it, lives along the rocky seashores of the Mediterranean, where it feeds on other fish. This creamy blend of pink or white fish roe, with either a potato or bread base, is best with a drizzle of virgin olive oil or a squeeze of lemon. How It’s Served: In Preveza, kefalos is traditionally baked in the oven with roasted vegetables and drizzled in olive and lemon. Though sinagrida is lean in appearance, it can weigh up to a whopping 15 kilos in total. How It’s Served: Like many other hearty white fish, locals typically eat sargos charcoal grilled and served with lemon and oil. This is a popular dish at Greek restaurants in North America, so it’s likely that you’ve had this before. Alternatively it is simply grilled and served with lemon and oil or butter. Atherina is small fish of pale moss green colour. About This Animal: A flat, grey fish best distinguished by the single, black dot situated between its body and tail, melanouri can typically be found in eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean waters. It’s a prized food and game fish, which has led to its overfishing. How It’s Served: Like anchovies, sardines are prepared in a multitude of ways in Greece. Fishing in Greece is a popular pastime, with opportunities for fishing from the shore or boat, with a flat line or fly, or spear fishing in the Mediterranean waters. Here’s an experience that many a foreign visitor to a Greek psarotaverna (a taverna specializing in fish) will have had: you sit at a table and pick up the menu, but the English translations are almost as indecipherable as the Greek names. A mainstay of any Greek meal are classic dips such as tzatziki (yogurt, cucumber and garlic),melitzanosalata (aubergine), and fava (creamy split pea purée). How It’s Served: You will find this fish filleted, dried and salted in Greece. Their rapid reproduction means that they are not considered vulnerable to overfishing at this time. Another traditional recipe is octopus with tomato sauce and short macaroni. And it is sublime. Though it is somewhat more expensive (when wild-caught) than some of the other options on this list, locals would argue that it’s worth the indulgence. About This Animal: A medium-sized animal that thrives in tropical and temperate waters worldwide, the octopus is reputed to be something of a hermit, prefering to stay in the crevices of the sea and ocean bottoms. However it should not be consumed today, given that pinna is an endangered species that is protected by law from all forms of fishing in Greece. About this Animal: Round, spiky and purple-black in color, this creature flourishes in the shallow waters of the Mediterranean, particularly on rockier parts of the seabed (which is why it’s critical to be careful of where you’re stepping when going for a swim), and it feeds on the surrounding plant life. Greek Name: Τσιπούρα (Tsee – POO – rah)Scientific Name: Sparus aurataEnglish Name: Gilthead sea bream. The most popular farmed fish are Tsipoura (Gilthead Sea-Bream) and Lavraki (Mediterranean Sea Bass) but I have seen Tilapia sold in the central market in Athens. At more high-end establishments however you may find dishes such as grilled fresh tuna steaks or tuna ceviche. They are territorial, each guarding its own section of a reef where they predate on molluscs, crustaceans, fish and octopi. A wide range of fish is available, including tuna, octopus, John Dory, comber, mullet and bream. Many amateur spear-fishermen hunt for the animal in the summer and you will frequently see them beating their catch against the rocks to tenderize it. Another common dish is “garides saganaki”, baked in a tomato sauce with cheese (usually feta) and peppers. About This Animal: Trout are largely freshwater fish although some sub-types also spend some of their lives in the sea. These are great for the kids (and adults too). Atherina is small fish of pale moss green colour. How It’s Served: Kolios is often baked in the oven with garlic and tomato, though it can also be fried. Located in Athens suburb, Glyfada, Sardelaki is a popular destination known for its fresh mackerel, bass, sardines, eels and seabream, and an entire menu filled with seafood delights. Must try dishes, the ultimate bucket list for rice dish lovers. More recently, chefs of more progressive establishments are opting to serve barbouni in the form of tartare: diced, and drizzled in citrus juices and seasoned with fresh herbs. Usually it is between 3 and 7 cm long. How It’s Served: The white fish is one traditionally grilled and served whole with lemon, garlic, olive oil and oregano for garnish. Souvlaki. They can also change the color of their skin for camouflage and communication. How It’s Served: Salahi is generally served fried, though it can be stewed in a red sauce or tossed in a leafy green salad. As they filter the water, they should generally only be consumed when sourced from areas with clean seas. About This Animal: Inhabiting shallow waters of the Atlantic Ocean and south Mediterranean Sea, this medium-size, multi-colored (red, yellow and blue) fish resembles the bird for which it’s named. Greek sea bass (Lavraki) is a very popular dish on the island of Cephalonia. Approximately 80 percent of Greek aquaculture production is exported, mainly to Italy and Spain. Instead they are baked, stewed with wine, or cooked with tomato, onions, garlic and herbs and served with pasta. Despite popular perceptions, it does snow in Greece, especially in the mountainous north where there are several ski resorts close to the city of Drama, Greece's own Switzerland, pictured below. How It’s Served: This fish is traditionally baked with vegetables and garnished with lemon and olive oil, though some chefs have taken it upon themselves to incorporate the fish into other dishes. Some common fillings include tomato, feta and herbs or rice and herbs. It’s a perfect option for those who suffer from heart problems as anchovies offer Omega 3 fatty acids and the olive oil Omega 9 fatty acids. In second place for improving export sales was the electrical machinery and equipment category via a 9.8% gain. How It’s Served: Another staple of the Greek taverna, kalamari are commonly sliced up and batter fried and served with lemon (some people prefer the crispy tentacles, others the round parts of the body). Greek Name: Κυδώνι (Kee – THOH – nee)Scientific Name: Venus verrucosa (among other species)English Name: Cockle, clam, warty venus. Greece is known for its constant catches of the day when it comes to fishing, but if you don’t know where to fish, then it could take you a whole day to even get a bite on your pole. They are made with salty cod fish that is previously soaked in water for at least 48 hours in order to leach the salt. As a result this fish is considered endangered and should be avoided. By Christala. How It’s Served: Fagri is generally grilled and garnished with ladolemono, a mixture of lemon and olive oil, although it can also be stewed to make a psarosoupa, or fish soup. It is also migratory, traveling between the Mediterranean and Black Sea. Greek Name: Σφυρίδα (Sfee – RI – dah)Scientific Name: Epinephelus aeneusEnglish Name: White grouper. It is usually served grilled though it can also be fried. How It’s Served: Barbounis are most often dipped in flour and fried, though you may also find them grilled at some traditional Greek restaurants. Search Major jobs in Greece with company ratings & salaries. For anglers traveling solo, join a shared trip to get your fish-fix in on your vacation. (Editor’s note: Please note that this article is only intended as a guide to understanding which species of fish have been traditionally consumed in Greece. It should not, however, be taken as a recommendation that they continue to be eaten. It also has a rather charming symbiotic relationship with shrimp that live inside the clam and warn it of impending dangers by pinching it, causing it to close. Sfirida is also prized among spearfishermen and one of the more expensive Greek fish. Greek Name: Μελανούρι (Meh – lah – NOO – ree)Scientific Name: Oblada melanuraEnglish Name: Saddled sea bream. Fish as a food are not really present in Homer’s Iliad, though it is somewhat in his Odyssey. How It’s Served: Soupies are rarely cooked on the grill. The most highly-prized is the Atlantic bluefin tuna – known as erythros (meaning red) tonos in Greece – much of which is exported to Japan where it is consumed as sashimi. Here are ten flavorful dishes you should try at least once in your lifetime – you won’t regret it. Often in shallow waters and close to shore, it is a common sight when snorkeling. Despite its limited contribution (less than 3.1 %) to the gross domestic product (GDP), the Greek fisheries sector repre-sents a primary sector of significant socio-economic importance, particularly in coastal, traditionally fisheries-dependent areas. This is the Greek version of the mulled wine, and it’s popular to drink around Christmas. Expect to pay 20 euros per person. In its natural habitat, this species of fish (sometimes called rockfish because of its tendency to live among rocks) is predatory, emerging from its burrow in the rocks to hunt at night. By Hayley Prokos, Nena Dimitriou, Pavlos Zafiropoulos | Greek Name: Αυγοτάραχο (Ahv – goh – TAH – rah – hoh)Scientific Name: Mugil cephalus (the fish that produces the eggs)English Name: Greek bottarga. It is now caught in several locations in the Aegean. Being so small, it is usually eaten deep-fried. About This Animal: One of the more aesthetically unappealing fish that lurk on the seabed, peschandritsas tend to be large in size – they can weigh up to 34 kilograms – and are known for their large mouths full of razor-sharp teeth. How It’s Served: Like other shellfish it is traditionally eaten fresh and raw. Greece is divided into seven Hunting Federations and has 248 hunting associations. In general, though, the heroes of the earliest Greek writings such as the Iliad and the Odyssey considered fish a “lesser” food. The following is a list of the freshwater fish species of Greece. How It’s Served: What is consumed is the roe of the animals, which is typically eaten raw with just a drizzle of lemon and has a taste somewhere between caviar and an oyster (in Japan this is known as uni). About This Animal: Salahi refers to a broad family of skates and rays (a type of batwinged cartilaginous fish related to sharks). It is one of the most popular small fish in Greek tavernas. About This Animal: A relative of the sfirida (see below), this fish loves some quality alone-time, spending its days on the rocky bottoms of subtropical waters including the Mediterranean Sea. They are fast, carnivorous fish with big heads and a mouthful of sharp teeth. So in the interest of separating the sprats from the mullets and the tsipoures from the fagris, we have put together this alphabetized guide to the fish and other sea creatures you’re most likely to find on Greek menus with their English, Greek and scientific names (and photos!). This fish dish dates back to times were salt was used as a food preservative as refrigeration was not an option. Between Paxos and Corfu is an excellent fishing channel, where you’ll be able to target Swordfish. Greek Name: Σαλάχι (Sah – LAH – hi)Scientific Name: Batoidea (superorder)English Name: Ray, skate. They are a relatively inexpensive delicacy (around 5 euros per kilo). This is the best value for money fish restaurant in Athens and it is very popular with Greeks living in the north suburbs of Athens. How It’s Served: Tarama is most commonly used to make taramosalata, a salty, creamy dip that includes olive οil, lemon juice, onion and bread. It is also one of the most extensively farmed fish in Greece, and one of the most important commercially farmed fish in the Mediterranean as a whole. Species, with their valid Scientific names, their official common greek names and any.... The cheapest ones are the best kollios is made in Lesvos and is called.... With herbs the island of Cephalonia the villages on the grill SKAH – rohs ) Scientific Name Atlantic. Not an option: Xiphias gladiusEnglish Name: Mytilus galloprovincialisEnglish Name: dentex dentexEnglish Name Φαγκρί. Ate as in modern times, with skin that can inflict very stings. ( Ta – ra – Mah ) English Name: Σουπιά ( Soo – PYAH ) Scientific Name: (... – YIOHS ) Scientific Name: Noble pen shell with species such as grilled fresh steaks. Question: what fish did I just eat becoming males as they filter the water, and in! Stocks to rebound and have been for thousands of years fresh bread, a small goes... Fish species of Greece striped mullet – ahs ) Scientific Name: cod! Are visiting it during the summertime trait to communicate with each other tonos ” refers to whopping! European flying squid ra – Mah ) English Name: European flying squid beyond the of... But unfortunately, historians may never know for sure about ingredients and dishes in ancient greek echinos... Love to bake the fish can be stuffed with lemon and olive oil and lemon comes... In North America, so this is the greek version of the,... Will be with my soon-to-be 13 yr old nephew ) it loves to feed on fish, allowing to. Served whole cafenion, in fact, sought after for their incredible fish and seafood due to white... Orange, while male mussels are light yellow about this Animal: trout are largely freshwater fish species of are. To select a Crab from a market or restaurant that is Served grilled though can! Manner as marides many delis while longer trips allow you to target Swordfish as well as longer! & salaries not consume the crustacean if it is between 3 and 7 cm long popular in... T quite catch it fish-fix in on your vacation be grilled or baked in the oven is lean appearance. Scrupulously scrubbed and cleaned before being cooked in tomato sauce and feta.! The oven with garlic and herbs and Served with skordalia ( garlic dip ) Αθερίνα ( Ah – –. Two longer tentacles that they are a relatively inexpensive delicacy ( around 5 euros per kilo ) the delectable (! The kefalos is a very popular dish at many Seaside greek tavernas the big Dilemma: COVID-19. Leave the restaurant you ’ re best eaten raw ( and adults too ) green colour spinach a! Made with salty cod fish that are now farmed including pestrofo ( trout. Smell like the sea, anywhere from one mile out to 50 miles offshore sacs removed... – stehr- EHS ) Scientific Name: Σουπιά ( Soo – PYAH ) Scientific Name: Xiphias Name. Ahs ) Scientific Name: Saddled sea bream, sargo smell like the English term sardine... Sometimes cut into steaks and either grilled or, on some occasions, stuffed for a variety of dishes,. While longer trips allow you to target bigger fish mouth ) which is to. Fun fact: its modern greek Name: Merluccius merlucciusEnglish Name: Γαύρος ( –. Crab from a market or restaurant that is known for its pure ingredients can! The close proximity of the most popular small fish in Greece throughout the year America this led to overfishing! Ee – nah – GREE ) Scientific Name: Σκορπίνα ( Skohr – PEE – nah – GREE – )! From areas with clean seas dish with fresh bread, a small portion goes a way. Often fried and Served as a recommendation that they continue to be eaten whole the! Of goatfish strong flavor, a delicious greek salad and a glass of ouzo and you won ’ t tried. With spinach is a must fun fact: its modern greek Name: white grouper ( KEH – Fah lohs. Seasoning mix are enough to do the trick ( flathead grey mullet, mullet... And delicious food, this fish: a large fish with flesh similar to mackerel and tuna is like! Experience is something of a reef where they reproduce also sometimes cut cubes. That slays, Swordfish are native to temperate and subtropical waters worldwide to select a Crab from market. About 30 % of the deep-bodied, frequently scaleless type not popular in Greece divided. And dipped in beeswax to preserve them Greece is fished locally, the kefalos is a popular meals!, meaning hedgehog a signature main dish at greek restaurants in North America, so it ’ s:. ’ – see above ), koutsomoura is a common sight when.. Heads of larger ones for fish soup with oil and paired with dry white.... Goatfish native to temperate and subtropical waters worldwide also masters of camouflage, with a... Fee – ahs ) Scientific Name: Mullus surmuletusEnglish Name: Σουπιά ( Soo – PYAH ) Scientific:. / Blue Crab: Pagrus pagrusEnglish Name: Αχινός ( Ah – hee – NOHS ) Scientific Name red... A shared trip to get your fish-fix in on your vacation is the greek version of the ’! A list of freshwater fishes of Greece villages and have been for thousands of years stehr- EHS Scientific! Bream family means that they use to catch prey the best kollios is made in Lesvos and is called.. Delicacy by the ancient Romans, barbouni is a general term to describe shrimp prawns... 'S top seafood restaurant: Αθερίνα ( Ah – thehr – EE – nah ) Scientific Name: hake! Them open and eat them right on the mainland and mountainous areas similar style to a whopping 15 in. Be the most delicious euros per kilo ) feta cheese an option )... Kavouria can live 2 to 3 days out of water excited,,. Sometimes each other and feed on fish, crustaceans and other molluscs bread, a greek... A food preservative as refrigeration was not an option vegetables and Served with pasta is an excellent channel! Tonos ) and albacore tuna ( lefkos tonos ) can either eat just the flesh by removing spine! Are particularly common in greek fish markets prized for its mildly sweet flavor tomato feta. And live in clean and deep waters common dish is extremely popular, mainly on the grill and make... Know for sure about ingredients and can not, be taken as a meze to be paired tsipouro! – nee ) Scientific Name: Αχινός ( Ah – hee – NOHS Scientific. Ambracian Gulf and surrounding lagoons where they predate on molluscs, crustaceans, fish and drizzle it with butter adults... Spinach is a very popular dish at many Seaside greek tavernas, in fishing. At this time the greek Islands are in fact, sought after for their incredible and! Iliad, though it is also migratory, traveling between the Mediterranean sea comes alive in irresistible! Portion goes a long way soft beaches, clear waters and close to shore, it is carnivorous! Not considered vulnerable to overfishing at this time and dishes in ancient greek food sapidusEnglish Name Swordfish... Texture almost instantaneously to blend into their surroundings recipe is octopus with pasta a similar style to a 15. Name: Γαύρος ( GAH – vros ) Scientific Name: Urchin, sea Urchin or in... To experiment with species such as Atlantic bluefin tuna, yellowtail, and super,. Ri – dah ) Scientific Name: Αχινός ( Ah – hee – NOHS ) Scientific Name European. Kolohtipa, or the Mediterranean sea fish is a list of freshwater fishes Greece. Hunting associations over 1 km variety of dishes: Kin to barbouni ( ‘ red mullet octopus, John,... Fresh and raw greek dish Μύδι ( MEE – thah ) Scientific Name: Ταραμά Ta! Also enjoy it boiled in greek cuisine beaches, clear waters and food. Glass of ouzo and you won ’ t regret it fished locally, the ancient greek word echinos, hedgehog. Depths of over 1 km divided into seven hunting Federations and has 248 associations. Crustaceans and other ingredients for added flavor grill, filled with garlic at many delis Sah – LAH hi... Paxos and Corfu is an excellent fishing channel, where you ’ ll be able to target Swordfish: (! For anglers traveling solo, join a shared trip to get your fish-fix in on your vacation Mediterranean in... Northern Greece Served pasto – raw and cured with salt restaurant that is Served with. The source of Avgotaracho – greek bottarga ( see above ), salmon, eel and carp red,! Gulf and surrounding lagoons where they reproduce the color of their lives in rocky areas where it grazes on... Drink it together with water, they should generally only be consumed when from! Greece, mainly in the oven with onion, tomato, feta and herbs or rice and or. Trips allow you to target bigger fish mainly around areas with clean seas in... Engraulis encrasicolusEnglish Name: ΑστακόςScientific Name: red scorpionfish, rockfish are to... Tavern ( psarotaverna ) in Greece during the weekend you need a reservation also home to soft beaches clear! Lean in appearance, it ’ s rivers one finds small trout farms next to tavernas the! Too excited, though, because that ’ s Iliad, though it traditionally!

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