I went to the website and saw they said fcfs the day before at 11am . For those who couldn’t get a permit to hike the JMT southbound (which is the typical direction of travel on the trail), This enables you to see the full JMT over the course of a few years, spend more time in the backcountry and fully enjoy what the trail offers. … Securing a John Muir Trail permit is not nearly as difficult as hiking the John Muir Trail, but it’s not exactly “easy” either. The Mt Whitney Trail overnight permit can also be extended to continue onto the John Muir Trail giving the opportunity to trek the longest roadless section of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. Step 3: How to Get to & from the John Muir Trail using Public Transportation Airport: Mammoth Getting to the John Muir Trail: If you are going to fly round trip to the Mammoth Yosemite Airport, then public transit is a great, easy, and cheap way to get to the JMT and back to the airport at the end. Mt Whitney Permit Pickup. John Muir Trail Overview. what are the chances of thru hiking the JMT without prior reservations. #hiking #backpacking #jmt #jmt2017. The only good weather within driving distance was in the Three Sisters Wilderness to the south of us. Whitney trail. Muir Hut on Muir Pass named after… Because of the ongoing pandemic and reduced levels of trail maintenance in 2020, this will be a challenging year for long-distance travel on the PCT.Please read our current COVID-19 statement and our Guidance for Traveling the PCT During the Covid-19 Pandemic. Update: Because of the COVID-19 situation, the permit … On average, hiking the John Muir Trail takes over twenty days. If you don’t get your permit and are set on hiking SOBO on a specific date or date range, then you can try to get a walkup permit. A bonus to hiking in via the Sunrise Lake trail is you can hike the Clouds Rest trail (which requires no permit), and gives you incredible views of … Mt. You can start in Yosemite Valley and avoid Donahue Pass (Mono Pass, Fernandez Pass, etc), or you can join the JMT south of Donahue Pass from a connecting trailhead. Whitney is the tallest mountain in the “lower 48”. You can get the JMT permit if you’re hiking the JMT only. If you click on the image below you will be taken to an interactive map that you can further explore. The other option if you fail to obtain a standard SOBO JMT permit is to get creative. level 2 Wilderness Permits issued outside of Yosemite are not valid to hike Half Dome. Decide if you want to do Half-Dome as a Side Trip. Whitney Trail permit is not valid for the approach to climbing routes like Mountaineers Route, East Face, East Buttress, or … Permits cost $15 per person, and lottery winners must pay their permit fees before April 30th to retain their spot. Where can I camp? 1. Before you can begin any overnight excursion out on the John Muir Trail (JMT), you will need to acquire a wilderness permit. Thru Hiking the John Muir Trail | Maps, Permits, Adventure . Precisely three years ago this day, my girlfriend and I and two hiking friends were driving up to Lone Pine, getting ready for a 22-day thru-hike of the epic 211-mile John Muir Trail.Over the next three weeks, I’ll be sharing a day-by-day guide to our JMT backpacking trek, with each day covered exactly on the three year anniversary of the actual hike. But since not everyone can take time off for that, we have divided the trip into annual segments. Explore Inyo National Forest - Wilderness Permits in Inyo National Forest, California with Recreation.gov. Walk up permits become available at 11am the day before the start date of the hike. Save. It’s also the most … You can … This process is purely based on luck. As I noted above, there are 5 trailhead options to choose from. For more information or help planning your trip, please call the Inyo National Forest Wilderness Permit Office (760) 873 … Get all your general planning questions answered in my Ultimate JMT Planning Guide , read all about my thru hike , check out multiple itineraries from past thru hikers, and more! The John Muir Trail runs 211 miles north/south along the high Sierra Nevada peaks. Permit can be extended to exit at other locations if the trip will be continuous wilderness travel. Below is a map of the hiking trail and key waypoints from when I backpacked the Onion Valley to Mt. The trailhead quota system limits use based on where you begin your hike, and … Southbound hikers need only a single permit to hike the entire JMT, including exiting at Mt. A few years back we had permits to hike the Seven Lakes Basin in the Olympics over a 4-day Labor Day weekend but a nasty weather system made that impossible. You could hike from one end to the other or break it up into smaller backpacking trips. True, neither will allow you to hike a 100% true JMT, but both will give you John Muir Trail bragging rights among all but the most pedantic. hi all! (The PCTA website is an amazing resource!) After my 2014 Southbound thru hike, I created this page of hiking resources with the help of some hiking friends! There are rangers on the trail who check for permits, and I have heard stories of hikers without permits being walked off the mountain and fined. Keep a copy on you at all times. Most people will NOT get a permit … Home Blog Thru Hiking The John Muir Trail. It ends at Mount Whitney, the highest peak in the continental United States standing at 14,496 ft. (4,418 meters). Dive in! Let’s get … Best time to hike John Muir Trail – According to the Pacific Crest Trail Association, the trail is … The official northern starting point of the John Muir Trail is Happy Isles in Yosemite Valley. Backcountry rangers patrol the John Muir Trail, regularly checking permits. If you manage to grab a permit entering at Cottonwood pass or lakes, you are also able to summit Mt. In Yosemite National Park, the trail stretches from Tuolumne meadows in the north to Yosemite Valley in the south. Whitney, and Half Dome, without having to apply for those separately *wink*. I would like to hike the JMT but I'm not going to know my window to hike until right before I leave although it's likely going to be late August or early September . Example: starting a Whitney Portal to do a section of the Pacific Crest Trail or the John Muir Trail. If you are caught it is a big fine and you are escorted out of the park. The John Muir Trail (so you get to hike part of the JMT without having to go through the JMT Permit process) The Mount Whitney Trail. You’ll miss a section of the JMT, but it’s still a really beautiful hike in. Fingers crossed that I get approved! Whitney Trail, California. You will get an email every day letting you know if you got a permit or not. Sunrise Lake is another option for hopping onto the JMT with a Yosemite backcountry permit. How difficult is the John Muir Trail? You are definitely not allowed to spend the night in the backcountry without a permit. Choose a Starting Trailhead. 200+ miles in 2 weeks sounds like a great vacation to me. Yosemite JMT permit lottery. (One strategy, which fast hikers can use, is to day-hike, without a permit, from Happy Isles to Tuolumne on the day before you enter the wilderness at … Yes, you need a permit. If you’ve never been to the top of Half Dome, it’s a … John Muir Trail Permits. In 2017, at the end of my Thru Hike, I capped it off three weeks of wilderness adventure by summiting Half Dome. ... How to Hike the JMT Every Year: JMT NOBO Permit [2020] Newer Wallowa River Loop Trail [2021 Thru Hiking Itinerary & Guide] You May Also Like. The John Muir Trail Length is 211 miles from end to end. Failure to hike without a valid permit will result in a hefty fine. For a time, it was possible to attach a Half Dome permit onto certain John Muir Trail permits. Hiking the John Muir Trail without a permit is not allowed, so be sure to plan well ahead of your departure date in order to secure one. Whitney, but face a challenging 2% success rate given the volume of applicants. Or if you plan to hike a larger section of the PCT that overlaps with the JMT, you can get a PCT permit which are valid if you’re hiking 500+ miles. Thru hiking the John Muir Trail is worth it, but you’ve got to be prepared. The Obsidian Falls loop requires permits - it's a limited use area. Pack (and repack) Your Bear Can. The permit lottery process for the JMT allows you to enter the drawing for up to 21 days at a time. My permit request to hike the John Muir Trail in September has been accepted to the lottery. The John Muir Trail (JMT) is one of the most popular thru hikes in North America, with more than 10,000 people attempting the hike each year. Mt. For each day, 10 walk-up permits are available at the Lyell Canyon Trailhead. Don’t think that you can get away without a permit. Wait Along The Trail And Offer Hiker's Cash For Giving You Their Permit. Oh, and if you are considering doing the hike without the permit, beware. Hiking Half Dome is usually … Let’s face it, planning for a long-distance hiking adventure can be daunting; there are a LOT of details to take into consideration. You can hike the John Muir Trail in a … But honestly, it was without a doubt the most difficult hiking I’ve ever done. Located in California's beautiful eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains, Inyo National Forest offers challenging trails, high mountain peaks, and unparalleled views. You might be able to find a walk up permit out of Happy Isles though. Beyond all the conservation and congestion reasons for a permit, you will likely get stopped by a ranger at some point, especially if you do it during the peak season of summer. A post shared by Chad Chandler (@chad.chandler) on Mar 15, 2017 at … Permits for travel along the Pacific Crest Trail are required in some but not all areas along the trail.

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