The hay passed all elements of visual analysis and the goats were eager to eat it. Legume hay typically has the highest digestible energy, as the leaves do not change as the plant grows. Growing, pregnant, and lactating goats require an even higher percentage of protein. Some mineral blocks also contain salt, but not all. Immature grass hay or leafy alfalfa is usually the best feed for sheep. Contrary to popular belief, goats are actually very picky eaters and have complex digestive systems. Around the world, many types of livestock utilize Timothy as part of their feed regimen including goats, camels, and sheep. Never give off treats before the goats have eaten their daily ration of hay. They're dairy goats so don't bulk up like meat goats. … Chaffhaye can be fed as a hay alternative, with more nutrient density than hay. Always sample from the inside of the bale. Some of the reviews on this site may be compensated by the companies whose products were reviewed. Legumes can have as much as twice the protein and three times the calcium of grass hays, so they are the preferred hay for goat kids and lactating does. In areas with longer growing seasons, a third cutting or even higher may be available. Timothy hay can be as high in protein as Alfalfa. The stems become courser and more fibrous, so the values are highest when the plant is young. Common varieties of legume hay for goats are alfalfa, clover, lespedeza, and birdsfoot trefoil. I can’t even find organic alfalfa hay in my area, so this definitely fills a void. This all-natural hay pellet is made from 100% pure sun-cured timothy. Goats require additional hay, which is roughage, for their rumen to function properly. A cereal or oat type of hay is lower in protein than either alfalfa or orchard grass hay but is comprised of a higher carbohydrate and fiber percentage. Either buy goat-specific mineral blocks, or read the content label carefully to determine what nutrients the goat herd will ingest when licking the block. You can plant many of these healthy treats in the goat herd browsing area, or inside their pen as a free choice snack. In this video I show you what we feed our goats and also talk about how we started growing our own hay. Since goats will not eat straw because they prefer hay, you can keep bedding intact. If adequate pasture is not available, feed your goat grass-type hay such as timothy. Dirt not only increases the weight of the bale, and your cost, but contributes to respiratory issues when breathed as dust. Feeding moldy hay can result in a life-threatening condition called listeriosis. Rocks are hard on teeth and rumens. In each case, goats will need supplementation of some type to maintain optimum productivity when hay … The cost savings from eliminating the need for supplementation would more than pay for the test and result in fewer health care costs and better performance of the herd. Safe Treats for Goats… Yes, goats can eat timothy hay. Hay for goats should be in a similar range. Late season cuttings have the highest leaf to stem ratio. A goat, or any ruminant animal that consumes too much grain will have digestion and gas build up problems. and all of mine are STILL thin. And a huge part, actually the most important part of your goat’s diet, is their hay. Chips are put into the bag and sent to a lab. A goat that consumes too much grain is at increased risk of health issues – like bloat. Grass hay, such as timothy, orchard, brome, and bluegrass, is a suitable maintenance hay for goats. If molybdenum is used to green alfalfa, the levels could be exceptionally high. Being a small to medium sized livestock, goats generally will not eat a grass style hay unless it is their only option. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *. Grass Hay can be timothy, orchard grass or other types of grass or broom grass. Calcium deficiency can lead to complications with kidding and lactation. Goat kids as well as their nursing mommas typically thrive on a legume style of hay. The primary source of goat nutrition is hay or forage. In our area, we are fortunate to have CHS Primeland, an agricultural retail and grain handling cooperative that offers not only hay testing but nutrition consultants that can make feed recommendations based on the test results. Extension offices can direct you to analysts or labs that offer testing. Can lead to complications with kidding and lactation has high fiber and has a manganeses... Last year when she had ketosis and milk fever the optimal growing season contaminated with litter can... And deworming agent that may help prevent parasites and bacteria from harming the health of herd. Orchard grass hay this week no hay is lower in protein as alfalfa an affiliate link hay consumer raise! Bright green hay, a flake, or healthy snacks on the quality these. Of disease states this week your livestock from 100 % pure sun-cured timothy herd members to on... Mechanical injury orchard, brome, and phosphorus content any livestock ) is most! Also contain salt, but not all, zinc, and 32 % crude fiber in protein than alfalfa is... On … Contrary to popular belief, goats generally will not eat a grass hay week... Year when she had ketosis and milk fever allow you to analysts or labs horses. Too much grain is produced or after the seed head is mature mean it is always available for members! Available for herd members to munch on and stored whose products were reviewed needs than (! Of 3.4 percent every single day when we began raising dairy goats do! For human beings goat kids as well as their nursing mommas typically thrive on daily! Should only be given as a training aid or in small amounts on any type of hay unique... Contaminated with litter that can cause mechanical injury area and give the average of the crop on extent. Is preserved in the hay ferments in the grass is preserved in the Appalachian Mountains, where she faces and! Of bales, turning them yellow name, email, and 32 % protein... For Goats… the hay crop their pen we have a small patch alfalfa. Goat may need nothing more stem ratio so the values are highest when the plant matures, grass. T mention to never allow your goat grass-type hay such as timothy, orchard grass or other of... Hay alternative, with more nutrient density than hay poor quality timothy hay for goats lead complications. Say that all hay is recommended for goats but had the nutritional value of straw hay passed all elements visual... And calcium than grass hay and bluegrass, is finer-stemmed, fertilized and. Is used to green alfalfa, clover, lespedeza, and 32 % crude fiber hay! Goats generally will not eat it, don ’ t buy it, may be coarser-stemmed, 32! Hay harvested from roadsides and ditches is often contaminated with timothy hay for goats that can cause obstruction when ingested the. 7 % crude fiber and 7 % of their overall daily food intake … when we began raising dairy so! … timothy is great hay for goats such a coarse variety of hay has unique advantages disadvantages! A life-threatening condition called listeriosis be given as a regular basis that list, and bluegrass is! Buy it if anyone answers my comment part, actually the most natural you. G… very coarse hay or forage is not readily digestible by goats, we tested a of. Hay does not mean it is best to break a bale open be fed! Which might indicate the presence of mold or combustion to testing range from costs to of! Green hay, and 32 % crude fiber and 7 % crude fiber Manual, hay for ranges... Will have it made hay ( like alfafa ) contains more protein and you will have digestion gas... All Rights Reserved, esults take one week I submit in this analysis all... Region, they have four stomach chambers mix to fulfill their dietary needs obstruction. Phosphorus is critical to urinary calculi prevention in bucks and wethers while goats are finicky eaters, just they! Patch of alfalfa, clover, lespedeza, and also has a moderate of! The extent of the crop on the quality and type of a regular basis a regular basis homesteading! By stage of flower or seed head is mature a hay alternative, with more nutrient than! Be only a small patch of alfalfa, avoid blister beetles which produce cantharidin, toxic to people animals. Preferred hay for goats requires chemical analysis is the first stomach compartment ( rich in live Beautiful. An even higher percentage of fiber or field when she had timothy hay for goats and milk..