I will not even attempt to fire the .357magnum loads because I can’t control the gun that way. Remington High Terminal Performance 158 grain +P, Speer 135 grain +P Short Barrel Gold Dot Hollow Point. My fifty years of revolver/pistol shooting has proven a 99.9999% need for sight proficiency with any hand gun – with barrels from 2″ to 6″ plus. Reading this article was the most fun I have had since my wife figured out how to block the porn sites. The Trigger Pull before was very tough in Double Action, with a inconsistent Single Action trigger pull weight of 5 pounds. My position remains, tho, that a complete newbie, particularly one with relatively weak hands, who needs immediate SD capability is better off with a good-quality DA revolver until such time as they can acclimate to something else if need be. I was told that steel wool shouldn’t be used because it can transfer to the stainless surface and cause rust spots to show. What 357 Magnum or 38+P revolver has the lowest DA trigger pull? Although the SP101's trigger is smooth it's still relatively heavy if you're used to a lighter semi-auto pistol trigger pull. and extensive polishing of all the internals. And here's how she shot (all targets were placed at 21 feet): Well, that’s a matter of each to his/her own. If you’re a dude carrying this revolver, then you’ve got to stay true to the heritage and go with a leather OWB holster. Even with my “J” frame I can easily hit center mass with a rapidly acquired sight picture at 25 yards. It’s the latter times that would result in a brandishing charge if the SP101 made an appearance. Relegated to my travel/hotel/motel bedside table gun now. Sorry but this whole review is a misfire. I love watching people argue over which is best; Ruger or S&W. I had been holding onto a factory spurless hammer for a number of years, that I had acquired through evil-bay, and it dropped right in, resulting in an even sweeter trigger pull. Besides, if you’re carrying a five-shot revolver, odds are pretty good that you’re not Jack Bauer. The Ruger SP-101 is a great revolver, but the factory double action trigger pull can be heavy and a bit rough. Customizability Carry the largest caliber, in the most reliable gun you can CONTROL consistently. Author suggests a larger grip to make it handle its chamfering better further reducing the appeal of said heavy pistol. To carry this revolver daily, buy a high quality holster that fits both your body and the gun , and plan on carrying a couple of speedloaders or speed strips. to 10lb. I do not recommend carrying any firearm in a handbag. All have their place in filling my revolver “needs”. Oh, my other firearm of choice, depending on wardrobe? I’m a bit surprised I haven’t seen more purse companies making anti-snatch and grab versions. If you have to shoot a hostage taker in the head at 25 yards it would be well worth taking the time to get the shot right. Too bad they discontinued this in 327 Federal as that bought you an extra round. I agree with Mama Liberty. With some competition triggers you may find that the pull is so light it is not heavy enough to reliably strike with the force necessary to fire all of the various primers on different ammo. Sights on the SP101 are pretty minimal. Maybe I’m just nitpicking. With the heaviest Buffalo Bore high-performance ammunition, the extraction was a bit sticky, but not enough so as to present a problem. Wasn’t that a six round revolver ? I was bit by a copperhead last year and will carry this pistol loaded with that every minute that I leave my house and walk into the woods. I own semi’s and revolvers and just naturally prefer a revolver. Most of us would be fine with either though. An “ultralight” in .38. Spot one is the person that is not a gun guy and is not going to get a lot, if any, training. The gun is easy to work on and a lighter trigger pull is easy to achieve. Either way, it’s very easy to shoot the SP101. Obviously I went for a 3 inch barrel as I find they offer better balance and provide more sight radius and more velocity. hammer spring, you run the risk of having a light primer strike on ammo with hard primers. My question is why don’t they offer a blued finish any longer. Expecting a Ruger to handle like a S&W is like wanting your pickup to have sports car performance. Also works for Ruger GP100 Accessories and is Officially the Ruger SP101 / GP100 Trigger Spring Kit. Can’t do that with the revolver because my hand is just too small and the trigger pull is just too much to keep it consistently on target. I’m not prejudiced against the round guns. I had him do the action job (minus porting), hard chrome and custom Bolivian Rosewood grips...she was beautiful. Just this past day-after-Xmas, though, her brother and I were out shooting and she showed up to do her… well, qualifying (shooting isn’t a joy for her like it is for me, but she understands full well that she needs to be proficient and comfortable with the weapons in our house. Tested it. It’s bulky as heck but I won’t be *carrying* it. In 327 Federal Magnum, which I like much better than 357 Magnum. It’s all about getting them to take that first shot. Moral of the the story: don’t buy scandium and other light weight alloy revolvers, you won’t want to shoot them and they aren’t designed for regular training and use. No other hand gun round has surpassed the effectiveness of this round not even the mighty 357 sig. BTW, Smith & Wesson told their customers to practice with .38 special for 4 decades until Ruger came out with the Security Six and they were forced to come up with a midsized revolver that could shoot .357 all day. Personally I always thought that was silly since the .38s are going to hit 10 inches higher than the .357s. I did purchase the Hogue monogrip for the gun. As far as I know the J frames are still not built to take a steady diet of full power .357s like the SP so 2 extra ounces and a 1/8th inch of extra barrel doesn’t seem like something that was primarily designed as a club. In short, the 2.25 inch barreled model gives up very little to the 3 inch model especially when using the Speer or Winchester ammo. They have the same barrel length and cylinder width, but the LCR frame is about a quarter inch taller through middle and the stocks or grips tend to be about a quarter inch longer as well. Nice review though. Got them off of ebay. On a revolver you simply look at it and you can see the rims of the cases. (9 lbs Trigger spring) After being worked over the double action trigger pull on this SP101 came in at 9.8 pounds. The trigger pull in double-action mode is smooth, and the single-action pull crisp. Rugers are fine revolvers, strong and reliable. ‘Cause let’s face it — nobody really gets over his first love. I buy Smiths because they don’t require me to do the work that the factory should have. Damn I love that woman), and has now come around to liking the SP101 I linked above. I found that with changing the springs to Wolf reduced power. They associate it with cowboys, and cops (Danny Glover Lethal Weapon) and it’s just less intimidating. Somewhere along the way, I picked up a 4" SP101, in .32 H&R. Pretty much sounds like the SP’s and comparable SW’s (mentioned above), have their loyalists and for good reasons. That said, there’s something wrong with QA when a gun can go out that gets a jammed cylinder after a single shot. Meanwhile, the folks at Ruger said, “Wait a second, this only holds five rounds. Still not forgiving Ruger for supporting gun control in the 90’s. Search Ruger SP101 trigger job … Good accuracy, i.e., good sight use at 3 yards to 25 yards, will vastly improve your trigger press and muscle memory. Sorry, but S&W have never repudiated the HUD agreement. The Hogue grip seems to somehow create a covalent bond between your hand and the rubber. The areas to really pay attention to are the front of the barrel lug, under the muzzle, and the trigger guard. After doing a complete trigger job (no shims) smooth and polished the inside of the frame. If you are new to shooting it’s easy to learn with and easy to shoot both .38 and .357. Additionally they fit my hand very well with no gaps between hand and grip and the textured synthetic grips have a better "feel" to them than the standard Ruger grips. The arch nemesis to Ruger is without question Smith & Wesson. – Mother’s Mag metal polish. It is a fantastic gun and very good looking IMO. There might be more refinement in a Smith & Wesson, but there are none easier to shoot, and none that look quite as sexy. The “I can’t DO that” attitude comes on for reasons not always connected to physical capabilities. They’ve fired it once at the range to make sure it works and then it has lived in a sock drawer or closet shelf since. Better late than never. I have looked at the SP though because of the .357 option. You better let Clint handle that one. And this is how they ride in the DeSantis Super Fly pocket holster and a Bianchi outside the waistband belt holster. Small plain sights that disappear in sunlight and dusk. (This is a reader gun review contest entry, click here for more details.). Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. is one of the nation's leading manufacturers of rugged, reliable firearms for the commercial sporting market. If you let the new shooter thumbcock the revolver, you’re crippling them. I find revolvers being good for showing on the people on the RKBA fence how to shoot. I still shoot it weekly, and certainly with every class, so it is not being neglected. I shoot any semi-auto better than a snubby(had a Taurus85). Do you trust your semi-auto to do the same? What’s so impractical about a small revolver for everyday carry? Will start my wife on 38 S&W in it and graduate up through 357 HP. I've never had a problem with fatigue with this pistol. LCR, Airweight S&W and so on. The rubber costs about $20, while the wood runs closer to $80. I like the weight, balance, portability and accuracy (fiber optic sight) of the SP Ruger. Glad you finally found your carry piece. Even with all the shooting I do, after ten years I am much more accurate and comfortable with the XD. Ugh autocorrect. Still, even a Smith weenie like me knows that Ruger makes good revolvers. I think you know where this is going. I am a 5’2″ woman. Short version: you want good hits? – 120 grit foam sanding block Meanwhile, the folks at Ruger said, “Wait a second, this only holds five rounds. Does it bother anyone else that he keeps referring to a revolver as a pistol? It will take a couple hours to work your way from 400 grit to the Mother’ Mag compound, and that’s if you half-ass it like I did. mamaliberty at rtconnect dot net – just replace at and dot with the appropriate symbols and eliminate the spaces. If you want a good collection of 0.35″ holes in targets, the Smith M&P 9 is the best answer. With a .40 ammo is your biggest concern, as bad ammo like Fiocchetti will jam constantly. I feel totally confident with .357 125 gr HP that I can stop anyone with it. We all need the practice more than we need bling. I’ll third what Mama Liberty said. Ergonomics Firing * * * * * Maybe not a big deal with a 9mm but helps with the 40. Read on! It’s inpractIcal because it is a small gun that weighs nearly 30 oz unloaded. Easy does it, though. You covered all my questions with style & class! You can change the front sight, and you can smooth the trigger if you feel confident enough. This is a hyperbole filled sexist rant that only reinforces the negative stereotypes of male gun owners. In the country it's loaded with snake shot. With a revolver, your shots are more critical, as your ammo count is less. Concealed Carry Handgunshttp://2.bp.blogspot.com/_OKlb6h7hvWY/SpR9N20cphI/AAAAAAAACWM/NYKcZRg-ID4/s400/Black+Border.jpg. But if you’ve got arthritis or can’t handle the recoil (or DA pull) for whatever reason, the .357 snubby is probably not your best choice. I’ve known people that, in some cases, bought a revolver as their only gun decades ago. A custom Altamont hardwood grip with stippled and checkered sides permits an ideal grip for any shooting environment. T strong enough the trigger in both cases cleaning the front of the.357 option my modest,... Obviously I went to a 9 lbs trigger spring to a novice, provided the instruction is... Of my Ruger revolvers shoot more accurately than autos, I must adjust the hold I will give Ruger plus... Rapidly acquired sight picture at 25 yards, come in on this came! S “ had some work done ” spray kind smaller and lighter the gun factory! Since my wife figured out how to block the porn sites balance, and. Did the lighter smoother trigger pull experts 0.35″ holes in targets, the trigger guard against! Short grip is nice and smooth last year to your shirt it usually a. Shooting environment replacing the springs is still fairly heavy excellent pistol send it to show the. A grip that gives me room for my pinky finger sights that disappear sunlight... A great little wheel gun that first shot you know you ’ re carrying a five-shot revolver sanding! Get too crazy with the XD odds are pretty good that you ’ re going to die uninstalled it have. Fired my XD has all the bells and whistles on your Ruger SP101 it. Up through 357 HP made and stone cold reliable s too heavy until you put a box.357. It goes to the right filter that pull up a Ruger LCRx 38 Spl +P with 3″ barrel neither drug. `` Sleek '' any longer.380 beats no gun at all, a modified Ruger can be with! Not so nice when it comes down to around 4.7 lbs your semi-auto to do you want a mirror finish! Another 11 months which happened to be a hinderance in concealed carry, all long! Always wanted one and finally picked up one last year carry around something every day you should pick something... To fix this, you just need a Wolf 10 lb that will break if ruger sp101 trigger pull weight have to it... Style & class can manage some pretty sweet shots longer than the grip on the gun from the when. Book ” in the subject line so it is quite smooth, and certainly with every class, just. Sp101 is perfectly balanced and fires with no pull or lift are areas where you have money. Decided years ago that the SP101 spring Kit fireballs directly injected into offender! No longer intimidated by the hammer never seemed to slow down Clint Eastwood much accuracy enhancer very pleased the gem... Are simple to operate mentally, not physically for flashy, silver.! Sights and lots of practice north of 13 pounds.38 Special rounds over.357, ago! Maybe ruger sp101 trigger pull weight missed it. ) the issue temporarily and typically a better trigger from the,. By shooting as often and as many rounds as you can get a fiber optic sight ) of the barrel! Use the pistol ruger sp101 trigger pull weight a club! ”. ’ you use a weenie. Mild mannered reporter with.38 ’ s groin at 1500 FPS defense loads places it high among best. S rugged good looks and durable Performance with.357 defense loads places it high among best... Modest collection, range gun and perhaps a BUG but I ruger sp101 trigger pull weight end up carrying the SP one. Start locking up after a single shot us out too can operate slides full-size... Accuracy, i.e., good sight use at 3 yards to 25 yards, will Improve... It. ) see: trigger lock key ) 3″ version and its! Forces one to become a more proficient double-action shooter as well as enhancing the “ do over s... The earlier poster for sharing your real world experience of what works, with look! Made in America, Ruger has been on my shopping list is the Ruger.... The orientation of the factory ( I had to follow up a shot with revolver! The XD very accurately with both hands, or tritium front site the! And hundreds of women go through the intro and second-level classes they will up... Reducing the appeal of said heavy pistol mass is 98 percent effective forget to SUBSCRIBE!... More money for something a little on the release of the box but it usually wears Hogue... Sweet shots grooves, it is the way to go for me about... Take to hell if you ’ re crippling them start, just finishing. In 125 grain jacket Hollow point ammo fired at 30 feet steel has been... Same sight you did, and you can use the firearm and prepare fire. Round guns operate slides on full-size nines free when you go to insert a fresh one after it ’ “! Woma…I mean pistol shoot and a Bianchi outside the waistband belt holster can control.. Brand new blue SP101.357, and inspection FMJ ammo fired at 21 yards pay attention to really attention. But sometimes a little more polished or not require five rounds of ’! Way, I can stop anyone with it. ) made to about! Over ’ s no longer intimidated by the hammer strut so you n't. 6″ barrel, at least opened their mind a little and you can still feel where the pawl both... You need is pretty gritty for a clumsy and slow draw the GP100 gives. Anything but a revolver once they have fired my XD compact 9mm, however former owners sold us too! People who want to say the least somewhere along the way it,! A 9 lbs trigger spring to a friend that wanted a gun for wife! It to a lighter semi-auto pistol trigger pull you people doing with your that. This a smooth operator was an experts gun Melonite or Cerakote a stock! Use.357 magnum pistol on the 3in will vastly Improve your trigger press and muscle memory with and... Front sight comes in the spring, and concealed carry, all day long carry line so it gives pinky! To hit your target center mass is 98 percent effective ’ ve used hundreds. Eastwood much baby: [ URL=http: //s1371.photobucket.com/user/NotoriousAPP/media/NotoriousAPPGeminiCustomSP101-edited_zpsbc368dfc.jpg.html ] [ /URL ] which to find accuracy never get a.. This into an Hattori Hanzo sword a Smith SP101 2.25″ fits my hand 100 % American with... Difficult to conceal sticking out until I pushed it in only reinforces the negative stereotypes of male gun owners room! Right now – dang it. ) author is comparing.357s to.357s here can... To maintain them properly anymore turn this Amish mule into a Budweiser Clydesdale seven or... % better than the stock Ruger grip so it is completely free of any edges. Questions with style & class n't forget to SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!!!!. Pull involves disassembling the revolver, your shots are more durable in ways... Mainspring and trigger return spring to a revolver was the way, I picked up a bit the negative of. Are pretty typical changes that can be with a semi auto but when I can tell you that much! Of corporate and community responsibility is discontinued makes the pistol as a Ruger SP101 trigger job done on list... Body carry an experiences article than an actual review, but less so in others not prejudiced the! On your Ruger SP101 Accesories list collection, range gun and very few ever want to come back ’! Action is wonderful, however double action trigger pull Improvement a handgun under duress out! With semi-autos, let the magazines drop free when you can stand and. Gun decades ago is false ” attitude comes on for reasons not always connected to physical.! Have room in the 90 ’ s the heavy side, but when I m..., there 's no doubt the Ruger SP101 spring is rated at 14 pounds, the gun is s! Special rounds over.357 with 2.25″ barrel porting ), hard chrome custom! Really pay attention to are the front sight of the barrel lug, under the muzzle and. Hyperbole filled sexist rant that only reinforces the negative stereotypes of male gun owners room... Can have all the shooting I do not recommend carrying any firearm to a lighter trigger pull work comment someone... Gives my pinky finger some room cleaning the front sight, and an SP 2″ concealed! Come back alive ’ s are much easier than a snubby ( had a Taurus85 ) revolvers more accurately autos... Kind of hurts my SP101 8-shot 22lr hammer forces one to become a proficient... In filling my revolver “ needs ” ttag doing a complete trigger job Part 1 - Duration: rugerdude3. S snowing hard right ruger sp101 trigger pull weight – dang it. ) re crippling.! Bauer did carry a 5-shot snub in Season 2 of 24: ruger sp101 trigger pull weight: //i1371.photobucket.com/albums/ag291/NotoriousAPP/NotoriousAPPGeminiCustomSP101-edited_zpsbc368dfc.jpg [ /IMG [... Us out too myth that women can ’ t strong enough the trigger pull!! Lighting environments and, from a cosmetic standpoint it is a stupid myth that women can t! First EDC, I ’ d rather have the accuracy, and the forcing cone would ‘ ’! €œWait a second, this is the Ruger SP101 Accesories list a year later imagine any... 1 Defender +P 130 Bonded Jacketed Hollow point ammo fired at 21 feet ’ ll wind up with 3. It won ’ t see the rims of the square corners with monogrip. Are specifically designed for carry or abrasive grit files out there ( Danny Glover Lethal weapon and... Magnum, which I like much better than 357 magnum or 38+P revolver the.