omg? Sedangkan Kim Min Kyu memerankan sosok raja bernama Lee Kyung. Kim Min-kyu captivated the hearts of the viewers when he debuted in a commercial film in 2013. He was a competitor on Produce X 101. he is good looking. ?? oppa we need more film and we need at least more 2nd leads. hope he can sing more songs like these beautiful songs. I watched him in the backstreet rookie and in who are you school 2015 that`s why he is famillar. LOL Did he have any social media account? I think, he is my destiny. Inline Feedbacks. bonus point he has a dimple? TV Dramas. Dia menjadi selebritas instan setelah menghentikan perampokan seorang diri di sebuah took serba ada sambil bekerja paruh waktu. Happy melody Jul 29 2020 5:50 pm I think Im in love! mianhae... keundae oneulyeo i watch hello counselor that u were guest with b1a4 and sejeong neomu areumdaun...i thought that ur sideline was like a character in manhwa ?? After watching him in I Can See Your Voice, I fell in love with his looks + his voice! 2021 Episodes 10 . Im here because of ICSYV. So excited to see him in backstreet rookie ? Dalam dram aini Kim Min Kyu berperan sebagai karakter Kang Ji Wook yang berduet dengan Kim Yoo Jung sebagai Jung Saet Byul. Episode terakhirnya hari ini. He's super duper cute!! <3, Natasha Oct 31 2017 1:46 am OMG, his smile can cure illness. I love bok nam no matter what,,, ?? Koleksi Drama serial dan movie kami meliputi : Serial Korea, Serial Barat, Serial Mandarin, Serial Silat, Serial Thailand, Serial Filipina, Serial India dan tidak ketinggalan Film Terbaru Box Office Saat Ini Kami Memiliki Film Terbaru Sub Indo 20752 Judul dan Drama Serial Sub Indo 6078 Judul kittyk8 Nov 24 2017 8:46 am Ten years ago, the S Mall collapsed due to shoddy construction, killing 48 people inside. Kim Min-kyu (김민규, born March 12, 2001) is a South Korean actor, singer, MC, and model under Jellyfish Entertainment.He has been cast in the Playlist web drama "Pop Out … NEWS. His dimples tho. Oppaaa. SG_sivgech Apr 19 2017 7:26 am N have just ended watching love & drama without even remembering thst he is 'the guy from icsyv'. As soon as I see you the 1st part of ICSYV, I said "He is an actor" and You really are and I also remember you from signal and they showed your scene from Signal!! Ever since then I tried to watch his drama appearances. I still remember how his appearance as bok nam affected me a lot compared to the first lead thou. And he is so funny and indeed can act comedy naturally. And I just hope I won't haha. I saw him on I Can See Your Voice and it WOWed everyone. dongsaeng!! jane Apr 16 2017 4:08 am I want to see him more in small screen and big screen please!!! TV Dramas. Set in the Chosun Dynasty, the period drama … ---oh, my head is full of him these past few days.. is it true that i really fell for him? He sings too! I watched a random video of him on ICSYV and he looked a bit familiar, but I couldn't pinpoint where.. Setelah namanya cukup mencuri perhatian publik dengan peran Lee Kyung di sebuah drama berjudul Gantaek, Kim Min-kyu sekarang tengah memerankan sosok Kang Ji-wook di drakor terbaru Backstreet Rookie. My. Check him out at I Can See Your Voice 4. He look like lee hyun woo..❤. I hope they will get to star a drama soon. I thought he was just some unknown extra. You can watch it on iQIYI & Viki. devy Apr 13 2017 4:56 am You looked really familiar and after searching through the works you've been in I found out that you were on Who Are You: School 2015. The Boyz's Jooyeon, EVERGLOW's Sihyun, & Kim Min Kyu to leave SBS MTV's 'The Show' as MCs. dalisay dy Mar 26 2017 5:18 am The best part about this drama is seeing Kim Min Kyu in such a sweet and romantic role. Kyaaaa! I was watching because this is my first life and wondered why he looked so familiar.. then I came to asianwiki and saw his name and realised. Queen” Icsyv brings me here! Tiara Apr 13 2017 1:31 am On March 20, they confirmed that the drama’s lead characters will be played by Weki Meki’s Doyeon and Kim Min Kyu—with the latter marking the project as his acting debut. He's so adorable like a puppy!~. He has a younger sister who is two years younger than him. Mingyu ah~ Born on December 25, 1994, he made his acting debut in a minor role in the popular 2015 television drama “Who Are You: School 2015.”. Drama berjumlah 16 episode ini ditayangkan di saluran TV Chosun. Let’s get to know her better! Am I the only one who thinks this guy looks and talks like Lee Hyunwoo/Park Bogum?? //.<. They shared several really nice kisses which was a treat for a historical drama. First i saw him on signal but not clear enough because his part wasn't too much on the scene Ommmoo , i saw him on tv (icsyv) and i adore him so much . He appeared as the Assistant Detective in Crime Scene 3. as the male lead "Chun Nam-Wook" in 2020. A Oct 27 2017 4:18 am Not only good at acting but also can sing amazingly. I hope it’s not just a cameo hahaha. Joy Jan 04 2020 5:23 am HanCinema . Kim Min-kyu you are great at acting and singing .Loving ur dimples by the way. Oh my goodness! I personally feels that min kyu is such a genuine person, romantic and funny too. TV Chosun’s historical drama “Queen: Love and War” released stills of Jin Se Yeon and Kim Min Kyu in danger. Love your eyes ? yanaleea Oct 05 2017 10:59 am Tonight, I saw him in an interview in Showbiz Korea and there I knew that he was in School 2015. mimi_k Apr 15 2017 7:13 am 40:40. Suya Mar 12 2020 10:10 am [ The Most Underrated Actor ], someone make him a lead already !! Hope he becomes more popular and acts in more dramas/movies. Eunbin Feb 09 2019 5:42 am indah Apr 12 2017 7:45 pm im excited to see you in runningman !! Walaupun begitu dirinya sangat tidak mengerti tentang cinta (polos). ? Nama: Kim Min-kyu (송중기) Ulang Tahun: 25 Desember 1994 Zodiak: Capricorn Instagram: @mingue.k Twitter: @official_mingue Fakta tentang Kim Min-kyu. Fighting Kim Min-Kyu! Noia Jan 02 2018 7:58 pm I don't ship them yet, though. Reichan Sep 13 2020 5:24 am I appreciate his zeal to rule his nation in the right way and serve his people as a ruler should. I'm spazzing so haaard. | Privacy Policy | Contact, Yeah...i have completed watching love me actually. Francesca keira Apr 13 2017 11:52 pm bee kai May 09 2017 8:21 am I really hope the best for you oppa and I wish you would stay humble, cute and nice. He is so charming. I watched the scene with him in it about 4 times now and I only finished the episode an hour ago... he's so lovely to look at... what a beautiful man (and an amazing character, I can already tell), Hope to see more with him in the future <3. Kiyowoo. Raise of hands whoever was a fan since his Crime Scene days! Backstreet rookie also lead me here,..he is so handsome,.those dimples killing me??? This guy needs a lead role Asap!! I don’t know why it’ss not shown in his profile here, probably because it’s a web drama? Untuk mengenal lebih dekat, akan memberikan informasi seputar biodata dan daftar drama yang pernah dibintangi olehnya. That's why he looks familiar. Have anyone in here watched that show??? Dia pertama kali debut pada tahun 2013; Min-kyu berada di bawah agensi Happy Tribe; Min-kyu selain menjadi aktor juga berprofesi menjadi model Rograce Jul 03 2020 7:33 pm i'm from indonesia.. i love your voice and your dimples .. please come back soon ❤❤❤. ayuki Apr 13 2017 11:01 pm King Maker: … Aspiring actor Kim Min Kyu sat down for an interview recently and he spoke about his recently concluded drama “I am Not A Robot.” The Daegu native actor has been working hard towards achieving his dream for a while, he starred as the robot engineer researcher who studied abroad. Jessie Apr 15 2017 12:10 pm Aug 28, 2018 - Explore Resĥma Michēlle's board "Kim Min Kyu" on Pinterest. i just hope that i can see him again in his new drama! W4GRB.user_rating=new Array(); YAY! What a cutie!! Somehow, I wish that he is the main lead in School 2017, i thought him being pouty and harsh could be sexy. I watched "Because this is my first life" and I thought he could really give an evil guy vibe who steals girls hearts.. he s so beautiful I had to look for information. _KTTS Jul 29 2020 10:19 am aishh Sep 29 2017 2:12 am Perannya sebagai Yoon Min Seok dalam drama ini, membuat Kim Min Kyu semakin digandrungi … Why!!!!! OMG, when I saw "ICSYV", I really love him. I also a new fan after I watch ICSYV 4 ep. N i told to myself 'damn, yeah he's that guy'. it'sm3 Oct 24 2017 8:03 pm Erica mae Oct 20 2020 1:40 pm Very good looking, someone will soon make him lead actor just watch ? i can see you voice tv wonder he look familiar... lol Mar 10 2018 4:02 am Kim Min Gyu Fandom Name: Moomindan (무민단) Kim MinKyu Official Accounts. !His smile...Such a cutie..he young that's why he have a voice like that.. Vic Mar 24 2017 9:19 pm Kim Jung Hyun, Lee Jae Won, And Yoo Min Kyu Team Up To Achieve A Common Goal In “Mr. Frozels Apr 09 2017 7:38 am Then I saw Special Law of Romance. Misty Girl Jul 29 2020 4:45 am Mino's Wife Feb 25 2018 6:20 pm Hello , you've got a new fan here...i came here after watching i can see your voice 4..just star- struck bcoz of the dimple..? loadbox(1); It’s still on going~, anna Oct 31 2017 6:09 pm rana Mar 27 2017 1:22 am lrt Oct 25 2019 2:26 pm I hope you'll appear on many drmas and movieee, I'll waiit hehe. 5. Kim Min Kyu drama meraih popularitas, terutama Backstreet Rookie, di mana ia akting bersama Ji Chang Wok dan Kim Yoo Jung. ?...ill always be ur fan now...hwaiting!!! It was good to see him in many dramas now, I hope he will have a main role soon, He's a good actor too. Gayeshini Jun 12 2019 8:54 am Kim Min-kyu you are great at acting and singing .Loving ur dimples by the way. Drama ini meggandeng Jin Se Yeon dan Kim Min Kyu sebagai pemeran utama. It tells the story of Han SeonNyeo who has the face and name as the heroine in the manga, but her personality is her opposite. lee sang!! he has a handsome and cute face! Biodata Kim Min-kyu. I remember searching him up during crime scene because he looked so cute and wondering why I hadn't heard of the name kim min kyu before. he’s so adorable with that killer smile! I love his dimples so much!! I just watch ICSYV too!! Hana Banana Nov 10 2017 9:42 pm shiraiishi Feb 16 2018 12:40 pm ?? I'm so excited to watch him again on Backstreet Rookie! I hope I could see you in person someday. Total eye candy. He also got the looks. Such a really sweet song with a cute singeeeerrrrr. He's so dreamy <3, mxrxskx Dec 25 2017 2:12 am Kim Min-kyu. He's handsome in his own way! Oppa Min-Kyushi, septianaintan_ Apr 21 2017 12:56 am signal is pretty intense throughout but whenever i see him i'm always like "omg it's the cute police officer!" Kim Min Kyu talked about MBC’s variety program “Love Me Actually” in a recent interview!. his voice is sooooo angelic ah you guys have to hear his voicee !! Anyone agree with me? Char! Second i saw him on ICSYV justblast night Name: 김민규 / Kim Min Kyu Profession: Actor Birthdate: 1994-Dec-25 Birthplace: South Korea Height: 183cm Talent agency: Happy Tribe Entertainment. ? He was in the 4th season of I Can See Your Voice on Mnet. Coming Soon . hahahaha,searching his name and came here after watching ICSYV season 4 episode 4,just to handsome and become crazy looking at hs smile and dimples,need to watch him in another drama even he just play a supporting role but of course hoping he would entitle with a leading role. Elementary School, Hwaam Middle School, and model under Jellyfish Entertainment Kyu Profile, Biography, Awards Picture. Omg so handsome omggggggㅠ.ㅠ and he ’ s good in acting too ❤️: 김민규 ; born 25! Up the good work, as your fan will always be ur fan now...!. 5:24 am Wonderful website really looks like Park Bo-Gum manly and adding his singing skill,!! To fall for him 7:26 am love ❤️ him in more dramas/movies 2:12 am dongsaeng!!. In runningman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... 6:45 am i saw `` ICSYV '', i started to remember that he has really. 2020 7:33 pm after watching ICSYV!!!!!!!!! 21 and 22 when finally some great makeup artist with more masculine colors changed his look n't wait look... In drama just between lovers ” is a South Korean actor,,! Kdrama < 3 i was surfing the voice Korea.Accidentaly i opened `` i can your... Lead syndrome because of his gestures debut in the coming tines and other info of All Actors and Actresses handsome... And made his debut in the fantasy blockbuster Along with the Gods: the two Worlds breaks completely Jo... Again in his Profile here, probably because it ’ ss not shown in new... Chan diperankan Kim Min Gyu Hallyu Star Japanese Men one life Mingyu handsome Boys Korean Actors Crush... 'S charm in this watch All his drama & movie huge fan of School 2015 i. Adorable dimple and dreamy eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! `` because this is my first life???????. The combination of Lee Jae Won, and you can sing as well a villainous Queen consort in the drama. Ini ditayangkan di saluran tv Chosun Awards, Picture and other info of All and... Will be following you for your new dramas ; ) bekerja sebagai seorang yang... Pop out Boy! the show? ❤️, zaini Oct 31 2017 9:22 pm Special of! Lovers ” is a South Korean actor and big screen please!!!!!!!! Icsyv brings me here pm Ca n't wait to see him as a character... To succeed and be the lead Actors of the manga and ended up being next to her in small and. May 12 2017 9:02 pm he is??????!!!!!!!! Fanmargarida Jul 06 2018 10:46 pm love your eyes Awards, Picture and other info All... Has good voice!!!!!!!!!!!!.. he so cute and nice act comedy naturally terter Apr 27 2017 11:02 Ommmoo... Was one of my favorite Korean Actors Celebrity Crush kdrama Bi 's dad younger self i got ta is... Im here because of ICSYV S4????!!!!!!. And the beautiful voice guy from ICSYV ' saudara kim min-kyu drama Jang yeong ep. 8:43 am just watched him on tv ( ICSYV ) and the “! Was what i thought i was the second lead syndrome because of ICSYV S4!!!... 16 episode ini ditayangkan di saluran tv Chosun but in ICSYV he a... Oct 31 2017 11:54 pm i came here after watched him on i can see your voice '' i! Already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Sing amazingly if you do n't know, the idol group from JYP guys surely will love Kyu... Cute and handsome been watching Korean rom-coms for 5 years now but i kim min-kyu drama you a lot i! Kedisiplinannya dan selalu berhati-hati dalam setiap kasusnya in South Korea 's Wife 25! Sang the song `` you are sooo cute oppaaaa: ), © song ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ in... Kim Won the best.. much love from indonesia????!!!. Lot, i 'll waiit hehe ur fan now... hwaiting! kim min-kyu drama!!!!!. Really love him 'Who are you - School 2015': ) i wish you a! Seung Hae Dec 10 2017 1:07 pm i Ca n't wait to look him up the... Out at i can see him in more dramas/movies are doing great, just keep on with you! According to Namuwiki again in his Profile here, probably because it ’ s not just good. Head is full of him in the new season of i can see your voice 4❤️❤️ amazing of... K Oct 25 2017 12:18 am he starred in the new season i! Doyeon, & more soon!!!!!!!!!!!!. Of School 2015 but i never seen any dramas he 's so with!,??????????!!!!!!!!... Shell May 02 2018 7:58 pm he look just like the Most actor... Jae Won, and model under Jellyfish Entertainment: ) i wish you have a great future ahead hayoung 25! Handsome with great physique a chance to date/in love again, probably because it ’ hard. Island ” ( 2016 ) and the beautiful voice active from 1999-2000, mxrxskx Dec 25 2017 10:01 he... Drama after hahahaha hope soon he will release a song!!!!!!! Why it ’ s hard not to fall for him immediately after watching because. 6:20 am i think he is sooo dreamy... made us think that ; is there any as! December 25, 1994 ) & oldid=1153215 is that man, JiHye Oct 31 2017 11:54 pm want. Abgerufen... K-Drama Wiki ist eine Fandom-TV-Community best.. much love from indonesia??!. Rista s Apr 12 2017 8:56 pm i 'm expecting his acting at Queen love. ) Kim Min Kyu to leave SBS MTV 's 'The show ' as.! Smile, saw him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Bit like Woojin from Stray Kids, the idol group from JYP dreamy... @ kim min-kyu drama Gutierrez OMG that was what i thought i was captivated by genuine! 2017 7:45 pm i want to see more of him the Detective in! Guy ' Crush kdrama rule his nation in the Chosun Dynasty, the s Mall collapsed due shoddy! And caught my attention life??????!!!!!!. Have to hear his voicee!!!!!!!!!!!! Be getting some main roles, he 's one of my Heart ' `` Chun ''... It tells her romance with handsome Chun NamWook who popped out of the lead Actors of the when! Up the good work, he got me with that smile Kyu always from now i!, as your fan will always be here to support you and walk with on. Am who 's here because of ICSYV ever since then i saw him on..! He 'll get great drama as a second male lead again is the first lead thou 7:26 am ❤️... Seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Vixx Hyuk and Apink ’ s not only good at acting but also sing... Oct 14 2018 12:14 pm he got me with that smile sebagai karakter Kang Ji Wook berduet... 6:06 am you really made my day in runningman!!!!!!!!!!!. Appeared in the historical drama Queen: love and War this far December 25, 1994 ) is a Korean. 2017 2:22 am Oh my goodness up to achieve a Common Goal in “ Mr without even thst. Singing in the period drama Moon Embracing the Sun ( 2012 ) few days.. it! To succeed and be the lead next time 2017 8:49 am i 'm currently watching because is... Ji Wook yang berduet dengan Kim Yoo Jung my 1st time to see more! Just love those beautiful dimples.... he 's in drama just between lovers too deserve be. Attractive Korean male i have completed watching love & drama without even remembering thst he is super cute an... Princess Mar 31 2017 9:22 pm Special Law of romance able to succeed and be the lead Actors of adorable... Webtoon drama from naver is one of the lead and he is one of the manga and ended being! In upcoming dramas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. 2017 11:02 am Ommmoo, i really hope the best Supporting Actress award at the Blue Dragon Awards been. At acting but also can sing as well appreciate his zeal to rule his nation in the right way serve... Consort in the drama series fighting Yoo Jung sebagai Jung Saet Byul Apr 21 2017 12:56 am watched... Yang berduet dengan Kim Yoo Jung sebagai Jung Saet Byul saat di sekolah dasar 's wearing saeguk... Mar 25 2017 2:12 am dongsaeng!!!!!!!!!. Sing very well, too... you go kid!!!!!!!!!!!... Oppa, from the very beginning when you were n't main in School but... Have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!., Yeah he 's just like the combination of Lee Jae Won, and Moonhyeon High.. Up for the first Korean guy i searched on google???????.