Prepare the roller and attach the extension. The fact that these products serve as waterproofing materials makes the installation extremely important. all pose waterproofing issues that need to be properly detailed for long-lasting performance of the Duradek system. Outside perimeters are usually secured onto drip edge with a PVC Clip. cost would be between $12 – $14 per sq. Duradek – the original sheet vinyl membrane system for waterproofing decks and balconies, was developed to solve leak problems over 45 years ago.It permanently waterproofs decks and balconies better than any of the alternatives – providing both commercial and residential waterproofing solutions. Online vinyl deck cost calculators estimate an average of $12 or so across all brands and regions. 3 How to Specify durAdeK® Fiberglass grating shall be DURADEK® Series (I-6500 1") (I-6500 1-½") (T-5800 2") as manufactured by Strongwell.Grating shall be pultruded and assembled in the U.S.A. Resin shall be fire retardant (polyester) (vinyl ester) meeting the requirements of a Class 1 rating of For a complete list of our dealers who cover your area, please call us at 1-800-403-3286 or e-mail us at PVC Vinyl Decking – Pricing and Installation Cost Checklist. Duradek is fully adhered to the substrate, seams are overlapped 3/4" and heat-welded, and all perimeters are mechanically fastened. The integration of the membrane into the building envelope brings complete waterproof assurance. Please review the manufacturer's substrate requirements for more information on preparing the best surface on which to apply Duradek. Dec 14, 2015 - Independent construction and roofing companies learn heat welding and waterproofing skills necessary for successful Duradek installations. Chephren Building Solutions is an authorized Duradek dealer offering high quality vinyl decking solutions in Edmonton and the greater Edmonton area – including Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Sherwood Park and St Albert. /* 5. Installation Details. Waterproof Econodek™ vinyl is an easy to install deck covering that will enhance, beautify, and create dry usable space beneath your deck. Filler is applied to gaps, voids, and cracks. * Tool URL: the membrane (at Duradek Ltd.’s discretion) will be replaced (solid color products will be re-coated) at Duradek Ltd.’s expense. The door should be at Least 2" off the deck and 6" is more realistic. The fact that these products serve as waterproofing materials makes the installation extremely important. How much does Duradek cost? The following complete step-by-step vinyl decking installation … Any imperfections on the substrate surface may show though the Duradek. Trained Applicators: With Duradek being available only through trained and authorized applicators, you can be confident that your vinyl installer has been instructed in the specific details involved in PVC application and waterproofing. How much does it cost to install vinyl decking? var encryptedemail_id74='' //variable to contain encrypted email Duradek is fully-adhered to the substrate. cost would be between $12 – $14 per sq. Duradek Vinyl Decking Warranty. If you would like to find out about installing Duradek at your home, or it’s time to replace your Duradek vinyl deck with one of our new colors or patterns, contact your local Duradek dealer. The technology for installing Duradek blends methods used for membrane roofing and vinyl flooring. 10. Inside and outside corners, upturns where the deck meets the wall, where rail posts meet the deck, and vent pipes are all potential areas for water leaks. The professional installers of Duradek Vinyl know details to consider from beginning to end. After nearly 40 years of waterproofing decks and balconies all over North America, the folks at Duradek know waterproofing. When it is a permanent investment in protecting your home from invasive water damage, it is not wise to take chances with trial and error methods. Repair vinyl decking by replacing it completely. For further information, please call us at 1-800-403-3286 or e-mail us at Weatherdek membranes must be installed with waterproofing and roofing procedures in mind, and only by fully qualified Weatherdek Applicators. Duradek does not mandate a workmanship warranty on behalf of its dealers. Special attention must be given anywhere vertical and horizontal surfaces intersect. If you are looking for quality vinyl decking solutions in Kamloops, reach out to us! Stay informed with product and industry news, Business Opportunity for Builders With Duradek, Exterior Design Color Trends for 2021 are About Comfort and Inspiration, Common Deck Problems and How Duradek Vinyl Can Solve Them, Duradek – Keeping Decks and Kids Dry with the HAVAN Coats for Kids Campaign, The Importance of Deck Building Products Fire Ratings to Minimize Fire Threats. encryptedemail_id74+=String.fromCharCode(emailriddlerarray[i]) Only Duradek's specially engineered and "pH" balanced adhesives are to be used. First the deck surface (generally plywood) is leveled and smoothed and a contact glue is used to adhere the vinyl to the deck surface. Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or a professional builder, we know that you want the most performance value for your money and your time. For example, if you are gluing a vinyl membrane to the deck surface, are you confident the surface will accept the adhesive without any adverse reactions to compromise its performance? Can my Duradek vinyl decking be patched? Optional upgrades, needed preparation, and other factors can increase the cost per square foot to around $10-$12, on average. b. Waterproofing a deck with a vinyl membrane is a long lasting and low maintenance option when compared to many deck waterproofing alternatives; however it is the installation that truly tests the performance of any vinyl product. Expect the PVC Vinyl Decking prices to fluctuate between various companies – each and every company have … If your deck is an irregular shape, or if you prefer to deal with an Econodek team member directly, simply contact us online, send us an email , or call us toll free at 1-877-860-9333 for a free personal Econodek deck … Duradek needs a smooth, structurally-sound surface for installation. In comparison to the top 10 vinyl decking products on the market, here’s how Duradek’s warranty stacks up: The only company to offer a transferable warranty. Duradek MidAtlantic has built a network of dealers committed to installing Duradek and Durarail. * **********************************************/ The vinyl is installed with a ¾â€ overlapped, heat welded seam which can be … Check out their colors and patterns available and see what DuraDek can do for you. Duradek is only installed by authorized dealers who have been trained in the manufacturer's installation techniques. The only company that has been around for over 45 years … The cost to Have Duradek installed varies depending on factors such as size, amount of detail, whether or not plywood needs to be installed or if the deck needs to be sloped etc. At ABCO Waterproofing & Sundecks, we have been installing Duradek waterproof membranes throughout Kamloops for over 3 … Duradek US Inc. 1142 Clay Street North Kansas City, MO, USA, 64116 T 1 21 TF 1 568 Duradek Canada td. document.write(''+encryptedemail_id74+'') for (var i=0; i