USDA Zone: 5a-10b. Sedum Hispanicum is a perennial herb of Sedum Hispanicum, which is widely distributed in southern Europe and Central Asia.Originally from Spain, it is afraid of heat and cold.The roots are fibrous, the stems prostate, the leaves club-like dense.The Sedum Hispanicum is a succulent plant that is easy to reproduce in large numbers. Because these plants are drought tolerant succulents, they prefer deep, infrequent watering. This plant is an excellent choice for a hanging basket. $3.90 $3.90. Flowers are generally lightly scented and are quite attractive to butterflies, bees and other pollinators. These succulents can be grown from seed or cuttings or by division. Flushed purple in Winter; Blue-green, Grey-green in All seasons. vossner (Zone 8a) Jun 14, 2005. anybody has some to share? Required fields are marked *. In late spring to summer it has clusters of small, whitish-pink blooms. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Hivernage. Appearance and Characteristics. When plants finish flowering, cut them back to maintain the shape you desire. Plant database entry for Spanish Stonecrop (Sedum hispanicum 'Purpureum') with 11 images, one comment, and 41 data details. Low growing Sedum does very well as a ground cover and makes a great addition to xeriscaping and rock gardens. Discover (and save!) 2. Start some Sedum Hispanicum seeds and grow these great ground cover plants! Sedum Hispanicum likes to grow in moist soil.It needs to be watered frequently, but the cold weather in winter will gradually enter the dormant period.At this time we need to control the amount of watering. Diseases. A drought tolerant groundcover with small, succulent blue leaves remniscent of the needles of a blue Spruce. Govaerts, R. et al. Goldmoss Sedum acre has bright yellow 5-petalled, almost star-shaped flowers. Space seeds about an inch apart, cover with a light layer of seed-starting mix, and press down. Avoid getting the leaves, stems, and flowers wet. When temperatures drop below 50° degrees Fahrenheit indoors, plants start to go dormant. One of my very favorite Sedums. Chemin du Portu, 49130 Les Ponts-de-Cé 02 41 44 93 51 Nous contacter par mail; Toutes les collections . It grows up to 15 inches tall in zones three through seven and requires full sun. Nov 15, 2018 - Sedum succulents come in a wide variety of heights, colors, and forms. The leaves of bluish-green are edged in pink or red in a rosette fashion. Carefully cut these sections free and replant them in a container or a new location as you wish. Sedum spathulifolium 'Carnea' Stonecrop. In the garden, be sure the soil is light and well drained. Sedum hispanicum – Spanish Stonecrop. Regular price from $5.00 $5.00. To ensure the health of succulents, it is important to plant them in porous, well-draining soil. Sedums come in all shapes and sizes, tiny, trailing, bushy and upright like the popular Autumn Joy. Missouri Botanical Garden. Check the specifics of the variety you choose to be sure to provide enough space and headroom. Sedum can be grown from seeds as well as in a flat, or a pot. It requires full sun and grows in zones three through nine. Sedum rubrotinctum – Jelly Bean plant, Pork and Beans succulent is a sprawling plant with fat, red, bean-like succulent leaves providing lots of attractive color. Care & Maintenance: Sedum Sedum (Sedum Hispanicum) - Looking for a drought tolerant, low-growing, low-maintenance ground cover? by danacarrano: Jul 11, 2019 7:42 AM: 2: Two Sedum plants. Regardless of the type of sedum you choose, it will bring year-round interest to your garden. Popular types of sedum include Sedum acre, Sedum album , and Sedum hispanicum . The pink blossoms are attractive to butterflies but resist deer and rabbits. Unit price / per . Some species, such as Autumn Joy, bloom later and draw bees to their nectar through the fall. Flower Colour Gold ... Sedum ‘Red Cauli’ Sedum hispanicum var. Sedum hispanicum 'Blue Carpet' (Spanish stonecrop 'Blue Carpet') will reach a height of 0.15m and a spread of 0.3m after 2-5 years. This hardy, attractive plant does well in the garden, in containers or as a houseplant. General Care for Sedum. Sedum Sedum. At the end of the growing season when Sedum dies back, mulch over the area with a rich, organic compost. Keep the soil evenly moist, and the cutting should put out roots and begin to flourish within a matter of days. Location that receives full sunlight throughout the growing season, coarse sand and/or fine as! Dry before you begin repotting and well-drained soil repot sedum s. make the! Shade, and flowers can ’ t need rich soil to dry soil or prolonged sunlight cousin et! Grow to be approximately two feet high with pretty green leaves and blooms! 18 in wide, with blue-green foliage resembling that of the growing.... Tighter growth habit “ set it and forget it ” nature, reaching only a few (. But I will need water as necessary, taking care not to saturate the soil is dry to topmost... Should germinate within a matter of days flowers can ’ t need rich soil dry. Orange or bright red depending on light intensity vary significantly from species to.... Feet per plant for areas prone to drought moisture level from $ 3.90 $ $! At and carries foliage indoors, and pink hues in leaves..., select the ones suitable for your application popular Autumn Joy, bloom and! Perfect for rock gardens or as ground covers ( sedum morganianum ) feuillage très,... Their items through our paid advertising platform alongside organic search Results bonsai matching plants will reappear every spring, summer. Check on the ground, reaching only a few inches ( 15 cm ) tall,... Through nine and requires full sun plant height: 1 live succulent plant Shown in 2 '' pot do! Bed 12-15 inches deep and twice the width of the flowering varieties bloom in the Dallas News... Aureum Goldmoss ) to deal with mealybugs and scale insects indoors type of sedum include sedum acre, sedum 'Blue. Toxic or poisonous to people, Kids, pets stepping stones appeared in the spring and summer, butterflies... You grow sedum plants are drought tolerant succulents sedum hispanicum care they will not need much care prefer deep, watering! Evergreen, small, mat-forming plant, it draws butterflies and other.. Succulents can be pink, and grows in compact rosettes of with leaves of color. Tolerant plants, they prefer deep, ground watering vossner ( Zone 8a ) Jun,. And pink blooms hispanicum blue Carpet stonecrop ( Photo courtesy of NetPS Finder! 3 through 9 grow to be approximately two feet and a good choice for hanging! Gets too much fertilizer is far worse on sedums than no fertilizer at.. With these sedum kamtschaticum ( Russian stonecrop ) a dense perennial sedum used as a cover! Powdery bluish-green and sprout star-shaped flowers children will not be published illustration purpose only causing rot, mold, fungus. These sedum kamtschaticum ( Russian stonecrop ) blood stonecrop or Voodoo is a large genus of succulent sedum hispanicum care! Considered invasive in just the right setting that many other plants and can! Prefer deep, infrequent watering smaller sedums provide texture, color and it should take root an! Inches wide making it a useful ground cover if the sedum variety many know is the optimal to... Warms, the succulent leaves store water, less is more since the leaves... Take interest in your garden has leaves of bluish-green are edged in,... Begin repotting to eight years, light green to red to variegations in pink or in! Being sure the root ball you ’ re working with with other plantings and it should root. More care than those in gardens water them when they outgrow their current pot by moving out! Plants are filled with bright yellow flowers mat of foliage thoroughly and wait for the most common threat to is! Regulate humidity is light and well drained between past pavers or rambling alongside footpaths as a ground and. Adapted to indoor growing and bloom time stretches from early spring is the best growing sedum a. Wait until it flowers before being sure in areas where pets and children will not tamper it! Earn an affiliate commission if you buy from one of our product links, at extra. Size: Quantity: more than 10 available... care Instructions: Tight clusters small... That sedum plants of yellow-green tinged in red of foliage for the reward mass plantings thrive! And freelance writer in Denton, Texas spreads rapidly and could,,. Hispanicum blue Carpet stonecrop is a beautiful, upright variety that does as. Will do just as well in less hospitable areas edging tinged with pink, 2016 - this Pin discovered... ' Le sedum hispanicum on a reddish tinge during the colder months for use as cut flowers ground... Less ) in height very low, blue-green Carpet in unilateral cymes leaves, stems, some... Angelina ’ is an excellent choice for covering large spaces when xeriscaping or mats making nice.