SS Chevelles were made in 1965. 3 Answers I have a 1971 Chevelle Malibu with a factory heater delete plate that has a GM serial number on the back. This car is the “Last” Big Block 4 speed Convertible Chevelle ever made based upon it’s VIN number, that the vehicle was built on June 23 1972 and how it is the latest VIN number in the LS5 registry for 1972. During its 1968–72 run, a whopping 2.4 million examples were built, spread across two-door sedans, coupes, hardtops, convertibles, and wagons, as well as four-door sedans and wagons. Book #1 - Chevelle Data and ID Guide. To say that the Chevrolet Chevelle was a bread and butter car for General Motors is a bit of an understatement. 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle 5 Answers Back in the day I had a Midnight metallic blue with the silver stripes around the bottom,with black interior with a bench seat, 73 Chevelle SS that had the 454-4 speed /non a/c. Competition. My Chevelle Data and ID Guide ~1964-1972 is my first venture into the world of writing books on Chevelles. So, there is no known figure on how many of the 86,307 1969 or 53,599 1970 Chevelles were ordered in what series and/or body styles. The same applies to how many H.D. All indications are that F41 was a standard part of the SS package on Chevelle (from 1970-1972), but it was not available on any El Camino or Monte Carlo. In all, 50,359 were built throughout the production year. Chevy continued to refine the Camaro but due to a 174 day strike beginning on April 7, no cars left Norwood Ohio, which was the only plant producing the F-body. As it had been for many years, the El Camino Custom – which included the SS models – was the best-selling El Camino for the year. Records show that there were 24,946 1972 RPO Z15 "SS" options and 19,595 1972 RPO F41 "heavy duty suspension" options. The 1972 Chevelle still had great appeal to buyers, and was available as a convertible, hardtop, sedan, and station wagon. 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle Convertible. Up front, the front parking/marker light on the fenders saw the divider bar removed, making it one large lens. Power ranged between 325-327hp. The next year, the Chevelle would get a new front and rear fascia — in 1967, buyers could opt for front disc brakes and a dual master cylinder. Though according to 1972 Chevrolet sales literature, the 307 V8 was a Chevelle SS option, very few were produced. 1972 Spotters Guide and New Features Put 1972 in a trash can and bury it. In 1966, the Chevelle’s body was totally redesigned and the SS became its own separate model. So few in fact that many Chevrolet fans believe that none were produced, it’s a sore subject among many Chevelle SS fans who populate both sides of the debate centered on the existence of a factory produced 1972 Chevelle SS 307. In fact, the Pontiac GTO had become an option package for the company’s LeMans lines, and the number of models of … How many 1971 Chevelle Malibu's were made with a heater delete plate? The last Big Block 4 Speed Chevelle SS Convertible “EVER” built! Chevrolet did not keep, or at least did not release, information on how many of any particular body style were sold with what specific options in 1969 and 1970. Much like the 1971 models, and along with the Chevelle, most muscle cars were fairly stagnant for the 1972 model, both in power and body styles. How many 73 Chevelle SS cars were built with the 454-4 speed with the bench seat? There weren’t many changes to the body of the Chevelle in 1972. (Think about that!) F-85 Club coupe F-85 4-door sedan F-85 Deluxe 4-door sedan Cutlass Club coupe Cutlass Holiday coupe Cutlass convertible Total Production 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle SS Mecum.