Other than that, you sound like you do more than most people for their budgies. Sometimes he falls off his perch but gets back up just fine. One thing is the budgies dont let us touch them or even go near them as they usually fly away, Today my dad has been able to touch the male for some strange reason and he seems pretty quiet and so does … This condition can be fatal if not treated immediately. Since then, he's been sitting on his perch leaning against the side of his cage. Get yourself a digital kitchen scale that measures grams. He had been in an accident a few months before where the cat got in through the window and caught bis wing, but he was all healed up and had a clean bill from the vet. I would get another from breeder. When budgies fall sick, they disguise the signs of their illness just like other aviary birds. The budgie might have other symptoms such as difficulty in swallowing food, diarrhea, a swollen crop, and weight loss. Pet's info: Bird | Unknown - Bird | Male | unneutered Location: India. It was something that he had gotten a few times with my friend before but hadn't had it for a year by the time I got him, so I hadn't even thought to mention it to my friend. I was not cooking or anything (did paint days before). I've even feared that I may have starved Z to death because he was very skinny when I picked him up but I had watched him eat greens and seeds equally for the past week. I don’t know how that closet looks but I think it is better if your cage stands freely and your budgie gets enough fresh air. But it doesnt look good and mum doesnt think … Camels are dying in the United Arab Emirates due to ingesting plastic. Hes had pnemonia for a while now and breathing difficulties.. and been on antibiotics to help. I originally got two (let's call them S and Z) from a friend. We kept them in a pretty big 'cage' thing. my budgie is constantley making tiny chirping noises and he seems to have trouble breathing. Then the other day I woke up to Z dead in the cage. Bulky, oily, and foul-smelling feces could be due to the inflammation of the bile ducts. You can look for signs of damaged feathers, budgie screaming due to itchiness, etc. However, I highly recommend visiting a vet! we currently have him in a 1/2 light 1/2 dark area and is near the electric fireplace for heat. I'm definitely making the switch now. Even when you take very good care of your pet budgies and give them prompt veterinary care, sick budgies die. Answered by. Mice and rats going through food and contaminating the food supply. I used to burn candles before any issues started, but only every outside on my window edge with the window shut. … Budgies kill their babies to protect other babies from illnesses, begin a new laying cycle, and if there is not enough space in their cage. Oh no of course not! please help!!! And today ,two weeks later, it died !!!! I love him so much but I don't know what I'm doing wrong - or if I can keep him and another budgie while knowing I'm making some sort of mistake and they could potentially die. Once he's better, turn down the heat gradually, about 5 degrees per day, until it's back to room temperature. Budgie Pictures and clips. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you exactly what it is as I haven’t seen your budgie and do not know your full situation. Hello, i had this question. It's been a tough year and a half, I really loved my boys and i like to think I'm a dedicated owner. However, if you notice that something is not right with the feathers and the bird is not molting, it could be a sign of a disease. This is a fatal situation if treatment is delayed. he slept for most of the day today which is unusual and isnt really himself at all! Please help. here are some reasons for diarrhea in budgies. Wet stools or diarrhea could be due to stress if the budgie has to go through major changes such a new living space or change in the flock. the droppings are white or grey with no dark colored feces, it could be a sign of pancreatic infection. All looked good, and I chalked B's death up to the dodgy breeder instead. he can also talk! But, I can't keep getting her new cage mates when they all keep dying. Also i can feel the bone on his chest (i heard that if i feel it its not good). I had Frodo for three months and found him belly up one day for no reason. Thank you for your kind words. Just recently Storm has been wondering around the house and getting curious about his surroundings. I feel that Y would do so much better with his breeder but it would kill me a little to have to give him up. Hence, they feel cold. Well the constipation theory is really only a theory. How can i save them? So, if one bird is diagnosed, the rest of the flock also needs to be treated whether or not they show any symptoms. show expert details . It could be due to a range of diseases which affect the digestive system, some of which are fatal if left untreated. anyways I have done everything I know how do to do keep them healthy ! A budgie that seems to be trembling, shivering, or having shaking fits is probably severely ill. Breeding Journals. Iv got a parrot not budgies but it sounds to me like you had done a pretty good job and had some bad luck although I can see that's it's knocked your confidence. It starts with the bird cage. So while regurgitation could be harmless, vomiting is not. It doesn´t always have to be bad though. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Some budgies can have runny droppings and they can refuse to eat and drink. One of the most heartbreaking scenarios is when a client calls to inform us their beloved companion bird suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. i mean it wasnt like that yesterday. I’ve never owned one and don’t want to make any mistakes. Parrots are really sensitive, so any cleaning supplies, scents, aerosols, etc. Breathing problems in budgies shouldn’t be taken lightly. Why did my bird suddenly die? Rapid breathing can sometimes be due to overheating, but, if your budgie has persistent breathing problems, it is an indication of a severe underlying problem. A viral infection in the upper respiratory tract can cause symptoms of a cold in the bird and could make it sneeze, cough, and have a runny nose. If it moves its head voluntarily to bring up food, it is regurgitating. Jessica Desrosiers Veterinary Technician. I originally got two (let's call them S and Z) from a friend. If the feces are dark red in color, and it cannot be attributed to the food that it ate (for example cherries, beets, etc. These cysts can be identified as an accumulation of keratinized mass or lumps on the skin. However, if the condition has already worsened, veterinary intervention can help ease the bird’s discomfort to a certain level. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Budgies. I was heart broken but I figured that I needed to get a companion for my remaining budgie, Z, because I didn't want him to be lonely. An appropriate dose of prescribed antibiotics can save the bird’s life. I do not see this being your problem but it is something to watch for. Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Paws&Claws, Dec 3, 2009. he used to be sooo happy and active moving around everywhere and whistling like theres no tommorow. I’d also double-check their diet. I always used to supervise them when they were out so that didn't eat something they shouldn't. Do you mean you left vegetables in there for a week straight? The breathing is labored and only the tail bobs up and down. I have also lost two one to possible liver failure and the other to possible cancer. but i noticed that its poop is "RED"!! Is there a problem in my home? About two months ago my son bought two parakeets from PetSmart, one yellow and one blue. This could be a sign of internal bleeding or an intestinal tumor. This was exactly why i decided to separate the seeds from the veggies. I took this pretty bad, but after getting home and doing a little investigating, I realised that he may have passed due to constipation. This could be due to a condition called Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis which may block the bile ducts when it worsens. If you cannot tell the feces apart from the urates, i.e. This could mean that the budgie is suffering from some liver malfunction. For example, the Giardia parasite found in water if attaches itself to the budgie, the budgie develops a very dry and severely itchy skin which can cause it to pick out its feathers. Feel free to talk about parrots in the wild, owning parrots, the pet trade, rescuing parrots, purchasing parrots, avian veterinarians, and anything pertaining to these beautiful creatures. They had enough room to fly around, a ledge to sit on where we kept their food and water.