Turtles: Turtles are relatives slow but faster than a sloth, hence the name Turtle is a good name for your sloth. Delilah - This Hebrew name meaning ‘delicate” is perfect for your new arrival. Of course, as a relatively new name, Amia only entered our name listings in 2013 as parents took on the trend of joining names together and creating something which, at the time, was unique and original. Eleanor - Meaning “shining light,” this old French name can be easily abbreviated to Elle or Ellie. This list of fictional sloths is subsidiary to the list of fictional sloths. If you want a good name for your sloth, think of names inspired by its own nature. 0: Snail. Featured Famous Lazy Dog Josef Josef is a canine character in the wildly popular anime series Heidi, Girl of the Alps. - Now is the time to do it. A funny nickname for a lazy dog. Even if their initials imply what they are. The Japanese series was created in 1974 by Zuiyo Eizo (now called Nippon Animation). Find names that mean these words or imply them, without being obvious. Amia is a new take on the ever popular and loved name Amy, Amaya or Amiya which comes indirectly from the French and Latin name meaning "beloved." ... Sloth. It is restricted to notable sloth from the world of fiction. When it comes to picking a baby name for their child, parents look to different places for inspiration. See the popularity of the girl's name Sloth over time, plus its meaning, origin, common sibling names, and more in BabyCenter's Baby Names tool. Sloths have taken the Internet by storm with a large number of memes in categories from cute to naughty, to very naughty and I do mean very naughty. Eloise - This name may sound delicate, but it actually means “famous warrior.” Emilia - Meaning “to emulate,” this is a more elegant version of Emily. 50 Baby Names That Mean Restless A baby is the most precious gift God bestows on parents. Lazy Baby Names, Names For Lazy Boys And Girls Lazy is an attitude. They watch different movies and television shows, search through books, and even hunt their family tree. The National Aquarium in Baltimore's baby Sloth is ready for a name! The names are a problem, but that's okay. Good Sloth Names. We won’t be showing that last sloth category in this collection, instead we'll concentrate on the funnier memes, and boy, can sloths produce funny meme topics. Parents are excited about many things - seeing a part of you in front of your eyes, your child recognizing your voice and scent, and acknowledging your presence. Fantasy Team Names Football Baseball ... Names That Mean Miracle Workout Nicknames Names for a Sloth . Following two weeks of accepting name suggestions from the public as part of a baby sloth naming contest, the aquarium is excited to announce the following four names for final consideration: AliviaW's list "actual sloth names" of 9 great name ideas: Argyle - Xena! That's a bit trickier, but if you ask the questions on here, people will help you find good names. With these 50 baby names that mean lion, we hope to help you select the one that represents the strength, charm and leadership of a lion. One of these names is sure to give a unique identity to your baby boy or girl. Refers to the slow moving animal. Dog Names Meaning Lazy in Pop Culture. In this process, they forget that beauty of a name lies in simplicity. ... Sloth (Laziness) - Ozio, it's the Italian word for it, pronounced OHT-syo. 0: Speedy. Some people seems lazy in most of the time, and they are always laying on a Sofa and doing nothing, but their thinking never stop. 77 Baby Names That Mean Simple. Some names are common and sound fierce while some names are unique and have a cute ring to them. Couch Potato: The phrase couch potato is used when referring to a lazy someone. Facebook.